Learn From Justin Ouimette (birddy420) at Tournament Poker Edge

Date: 2017-04-23
Author: Jason Glatzer

Cash game and tournaments are completely different beasts in poker. In cash games, players are usually deep stacked and blinds do not increase. In tournaments, players are often of varying stakes and many different concepts come into play including bubble play, push/fold play and ICM.
There are many poker training sites available to help you improve on your cash game. These sites often also can help your tournament game as well. However, if you are interested in only improving your tournament game, you should consider Tournament Poker Edge, since everything about the training site is dedicated to your improvement in this form of poker.
The site employs many top name poker tournament players as instructors. Canada’s Justin “birddy420” Ouimette is a great example of one of the many successful poker tournament pros recently releasing content on the site.
According to his PocketFives profile, where he is listed under “justin ouimette”, the Canadian is just shy of $2.5 million cashes. Perhaps even more impressively, he is just shy of 5,000 different poker tournament cashes. Ouimette was once ranked in 21st place in the world is regardless of whether he is putting in the volume or not, is consistently in the top 500 spots.
Ouimette also has had success in live poker tournaments with more than $200,000 in career cashes. It is easy to see why this is a player one can learn from.
Back in March, Ouimette released on Tournament Poker Edge a five part video series titled “Justin “birddy420” Ouimette’s Bigger $22 Hand History Review”. He appeared on the final table in this tournament and outlined his plays from beginning to end. This is a great review for any low or mid stakes poker player as he shows how he navigated through such a big field while illustrating many poker concepts including early, middle and late stages, how he uses his HUD and much more.
On April 20, Ouimette released the first of four parts in a video series titled “6-Max $109 Victory Hand History Review with Justin “birddy420” Ouimette”. I just got done watching this to see how he navigated through the early stages of this tournament.
This series if more suitable for those playing mid and higher stakes poker tournaments. It is also great if you are interested in improving in six-max, which is a popular format in online poker tournaments, although employed in smaller frequency in live poker tournaments.
The remaining three parts of the video series will be released within a couple of weeks if not much sooner. Part 2 is scheduled for April 24 and Part 3 is scheduled a few days later on April 27.
Another big name pro worth checking out is Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek. If you are into online poker, Jarzabek likely needs no introduction. He was once ranked in third place in the world on PocketFives where his profile shows he has almost $5.4 million in cashes. He is also notorious for winning the Sunday Million in back to back weeks in January 2013.
While Jarzabek hasn’t released a video series in months, all of his archived content is great and is free to review (as are all older videos) and great to learn from.
If you are a fan of Jarzabek, you should consider checking out his podcast available on Tournament Poker Edge titled “March 31st, 2017 – WSOP Preview and Hand Analysis with bigdogpckt5s” hosted by Tournament Poker Edge Co-Founders “RonFezBuddy” and Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch. The podcast is an hour and 45 minutes long and is great to listen to when you are on the road or even when at home with some spare time instead of watching TV. Like all the podcasts at Tournament Poker Edge, you do not need to be a member to listen to it.
Tournament Poker Edge is very reasonably priced at $39.95 per month, $99.95 per quarter, or $299.95 per year. This is a bargain considering how much you can learn. There is no sign-up fee involved so you can check them out for a month without putting in a huge investment to see if it is right for you before dedicating to a longer subscription. Check out Tournament Poker Edge today.

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