PokerSnowie Releases Advanced Analysis Filters

Date: 2014-05-01
Author: Dan Cypra

In recent weeks, the poker training software PokerSnowie added advanced analysis filters, allowing you to break down your online poker game further than ever before. When we say "advanced analysis filters," by the way, we mean multiple sets of filters – not just one. With that in mind, let's take a look at what you can take advantage of immediately.

"The first new option allows users to analyze their hands based on their position," a press release from PokerSnowie explained. "How do you perform when you sit in the blinds? In the cutoff? On the button? Select the relevant position and PokerCoach will filter the hands accordingly." There's a simple drop-down menu where you can pick your position, which is checked to "All Positions" by default.

"The second option lets users choose hands based on the monetary outcome," the same press release read. "Are you only interested in reviewing your losing hands? Select the 'loss' filter. You can even specify the amount of win and loss, expressed in BB." For this option, there are boxes to pick for "Win" and "Loss" and another area to choose how much the win or loss should be.

The third new set of filters allows you to select only hands that were raised, and you can do so by street. You can also see hands in which you faced a 3bet or 4bet pre-flop. For these hands, you can select the action you made in return: "Fold," "Call," or "Raise." By default, this option is set to "Any" so you can see every hand that was 3bet and 4bet.

PokerSnowie also added a card filter that lets you to drill down to a specific hand or range of hands. We'll let the training site explain: "The new hole card filter allows to apply a laser focus to the hand analysis and will help answer questions like: How do I play aces? What's my behavior with pairs?" You can easily select just suited, offsuit, and paired hands.

The final addition to PokerSnowie is to the Challenge PokerSnowie feature: an exported deck function. The site explained, "By selecting the exported deck option, a predefined Challenge PokerSnowie session of 2,000 hands will be uploaded, as an encrypted file, to the challenger's computer. At the end of the session, the encrypted deck can be opened to verify the complete integrity of PokerSnowie's play."

If the new additions to the poker training software sound useful, you can check out PokerSnowie for €149 per year or €14.90 per month. There's also a 10-day free trial. Visit PokerSnowie's website today.

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