Power of the Hold'em Manager 2 HUD Repository

Date: 2017-02-28
Author: Jason Glatzer

In order to excel in online poker, especially if you wish to play multiple tables at the same time, one thing many players will tell you is that a HUD is a must. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t know how to play poker as this is obviously the most important thing, however, a HUD can give you information on your opponents that you likely will not be able to observe on your own.
One of the leading HUD and poker tracking database providers is Hold’em Manager 2. You can read our raving review about this software here.
The software is simple to install and easy to use. There are also tons of videos and other instructional information available to help you get the most out of your software.
The software comes with many prepacked HUDs. Many players find these to be sufficient. Many others add some stats that they find useful to these prepackaged HUDs to give them the information they are seeking.
However, many others wish to create a HUD from scratch. The software makes this relatively easy especially if you aren’t doing anything to complex. However, once you get to something complex it could take a bit of time and effort.
One resource that many players do not know about is the HUD repository. Here there are plenty of HUDs developed by others that they put up for sale. Rather than spending time and effort on developing your own, you can browse the HUD repository to see if you can find the right HUD for you.
The HUD repository is divided into three sections, Premium HUDs, Free HUDs, and Popups. You will find the most powerful HUDs available in the Premium HUD section. In order to take advantage of HUDs in this section, you not only need to own Hold’em Manager 2, but also obtain a license for NoteCaddy as well.
There are more than two dozen different choices. Some of them are very specialized, such as the Coffee HUD HU SNGs, which is really only suitable for those that specialize in heads-up tournaments. However, many others can help in a wider variety for cash games and tournaments as well. The prices for these HUDs start off at $75, however, the power these HUDs provide should more than pay for itself.
However, if you aren’t looking to spend any additional money or obtain a NoteCaddy license, you should check out the Free HUD section. Here poker players share HUDs they developed for you to use for free. There is a big variety to choose from, so I even recommend checking this out first before diving into a more complex package in the Premium HUD section.
There are 66 different HUDs in this section, sorted out by the ones that were downloaded the most. Choosing a HUD from here could save you hours of time as compared to developing one yourself.
While both the Premium HUDs and Free HUDs come with pop-ups, you may be looking for a specific pop-up for your HUD that you are already using. You can choose among six different options that you might find useful including the SamariHUD_Nash and SamariHUD_Player that I have used in the past.
I would be surprised if 99 percent or more of players couldn’t find what they were looking for in the HUD repository. However, even if you can’t you can learn to develop what you want on your own.
Additionally, if you are willing to spend money, there are programmers itching to make the custom HUD you desire. Recently a poster with the screenname eLPe21 in the Hold’em Manager forum titled Share your HM2 HUD Configurations created a thread titled Advanced HUD for Spin and Go.
He offered to pay money for someone to develop a HUD for the lottery-style games on PokerStars specific to his needs.
A HM forum admin suggested he head to the HUD repository, however, eLPe21 is looking for something very specific and mentioned what was there wasn’t good enough for his needs.
This didn’t leave this customer empty handed as a developer of NoteCaddy Edge responded with interest and that he contacted him through Facebook.
Speaking of NoteCaddy Edge, they have one most recommended HUD packages available around. You can read our review here about how powerful their add-on is.
If you are happy with your HUD that you are using, great. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be even happier. Why not check out the Hold’em Manager 2 HUD repository to see if you can upgrade what you are using. It could turn out to be a great free decision or even a good one that you pay for.

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