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Cash Game Festival Online Takes Twitch to a New Dimension


The first-ever Cash Game Festival Online is taking place on the iPoker Network from Oct. 24-30. What is cool about this festival from a software perspective is that for the first-time we are aware of, the Cash Game Festival will be streaming entire tables from the...

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Use a HUD and Poker Tracking Database


There are many HUD and poker tracking databases and add-ons available including PokerTracker 4, Hold’em Manager 2, Hand2Note, Hold’em Indicator, and Note Caddy Edge Cash 2.0 to name a few.  Each software package has its strengths, which you...

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Check Out the Free Ivey League Poker Forum


Thousands of players turn to Ivey League to improve their live and online game due to the huge library of videos that cover just about any topic you can think of. The poker training site is constantly rolling out new content, which is important in an ever changing...

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The Latest Video Series at Tournament Poker Edge


If you are looking to improve in tournament play, why not learn from some of the best at the poker training site Tournament Poker Edge. As the name of the site suggest, they focus solely on tournament poker. In other words, if you play tournament...

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PokerTracker Reacts to PartyPoker Changes in its Latest Release


As we reported earlier in the week, partypoker has implemented a new policy whereby hand history files in cash ring games are displaying players as anonymous instead of their...

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PartyPoker Introduces Anonymized Hand Histories Despite Player Objections


Last month partypoker announced it would be introduced big changes to how it was recording hand history files in ring...

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