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What PokerTracker 4 Users Are Talking About


If you're not using PokerTracker 4, you should check it out. The program provides detailed statistics for your play on major online poker sites, allowing you to pinpoint your leaks and discover where you're strong and where you're weak. You can also check...

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Fill Out Your HUD with HH Dealer


If you use a HUD while playing online poker, you should be well aware of the benefits it can provide, including many useful bits of information about your opponents.  The main downside is that this information is limited to hands you have played against your...

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Update on PokerStars Changes for Third-Party Software


On June 11, Steve Day, the Director of Poker Room Operations at PokerStars, announced to the poker community in a thread on TwoPlusTwo that PokerStars was strongly tightening the terms of service to prohibit additional third-party...

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What's in Your HUD with Bangoutnow   [Members Only]


We sat down with Romanian online poker grinder Bangoutnow to get his thoughts on poker software.  Bangoutnow primarily plays multi-table tournaments and has $700,000 in tracked scores on  Here is what he had to...

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PokerTableStats Compliant with Potential PokerStars Software Crackdown


Last week, we reported that PokerStars is strongly considering changing its terms of service to exclude many types of software allowed under current rules.  This is believed to be a reaction to both a bot ring suspected of winning at...

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Use Omaha Checker with Your HUD


If you play Omaha online, you probably would agree that a HUD is very useful for profiling your opponents.  However, did you know that you can use your HUD in coordination with Omaha Checker to understand your odds against what you feel the hand ranges are of...

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