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Master Omaha Odds with Omaha Checker


Omaha Checker, a free in-game poker odds calculator for Omaha, can help you quickly get a handle on the math behind Omaha if you're proficient in Hold'em.  The program will quickly calculate for you what your equity is against a range of your opponent's...

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Bust Your Leaks with Leak Buster


Regardless of whether you are a professional or recreational poker player, you should always try to improve your game.  This is also true regardless of whether you are a winning...

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What Hold'em Manager 2 Users Are Talking About


Recently, PokerSoftware brought you an article talking about what users in the PokerTracker 4 forums were talking about. Now, we thought we'd do the same with PokerTracker's sister site, Hold'em Manager. The two poker tracking programs, under the umbrella of...

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Beat the Pros at Advanced Poker Training


In life, people tend to learn using different methods.  Some prefer to read, some prefer to listen, and some prefer a hands-on approach.  The same holds true for poker players looking to learn as much as they can about the...

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Multi-Table Efficiently with Mosaic Table Organizer


If you want to multi-table effectively while playing online poker, it is important to keep your tables organized.  It is also important not to spend a lot of time messing around to keep your tables...

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Overview of the Ivey League Bachelors Plan


If you are looking to improve your poker skills, there may be no better way to do so than with the poker training site Ivey League.  It has a list of impressive instructors including the legendary Phil Ivey, Patrik "FinddaGrind" Antonius, Cole...

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