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What's in Your HUD with PokerStars Team Online: Part 3


In our final installment, we ask members of Team PokerStars Pro whether they feel Heads-Up Displays, or HUDs, are beneficial for the game and get their opinion on PokerStars 7, which was just released out of...

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Introducing the Redesigned Poker Charts


If you play live poker or aren't a huge multi-tabler online and are looking for a program to help you record and analyze your sessions, you should consider checking out Poker...

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TableNinja II Fully Compatible with PokerStars 7


Last week, PokerStars rolled out the newest version of its poker client out of Beta, PokerStars 7.  Poker tracking databases such as Hold'em Manager are fully compatible with the newest PokerStars software release since table views and hand histories...

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What's in Your HUD with PokerStars Team Online: Part 2   [Members Only]


In Part 2 of our three-part interview with several well-known Team PokerStars Pros, we talk about what's in each person's Heads-Up Display. You want to know the stats that the pros use when they play online? We have...

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What's in Your HUD with PokerStars Team Online: Part 1   [Members Only]


We asked several members of PokerStars Team Online their thoughts on PokerSoftware.  Here is the first part of our question and answer session.  We hope you'll get a lot by reading their insight into what's in their Heads-Up Display, or...

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Players React to PokerStars Rake Increases


The world's busiest online poker site, PokerStars, recently announced rake increases across the board for tournament, sit and go, and cash game players.  As you can imagine, player reaction ranged from negative to...

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