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What's in Your HUD with Luciana Manolea (luckierno7)   [Members Only]


We sat down with Luciana "luckierno7" Manolea to discuss her poker life and how she uses poker software.  Luci is one of the most successful female poker tournament players and one of the top players in her home country of...

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What's in Your HUD with Paul Ciaca (ciaca21)   [Members Only]


We sat down with Paul "ciaca21" Ciaca to get his thoughts on poker software.  Ciaca has accumulated almost $400,000 in cashes on PokerStars alone and currently uses a variety of programs while playing and studying.  Here is what he had to...

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Check Out the 32 Amazing Instructors at Ivey League


Do you want to get better at playing poker?  No matter how good you might be, we bet the answer to this question is a resounding yes.  There are many ways to improve your game, but perhaps the most popular method is through poker training sites.  The...

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Microgaming Targeting Short-Stackers


If you play on the Microgaming Poker Network, your days of figuring out how to optimally play against short-stackers and wasting time to figure out how to best configure your software to have useful information about these players could be over...

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Ace Poker Drills Adds Advice to Pre-Flop Trainer


If you are looking for a way to train yourself to be a better poker, why not do what thousands of other poker players have done and use Ace Poker Drills.  Practice makes perfect and Ace Poker Drills can help you turn into a world-class poker player...

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What's in Your HUD with Ryan Laplante (Protential)   [Members Only]


We sat down with Ryan "Protential" Laplante just before he made the final table of the Hot $162 on PokerStars for $5,400.  In addition to this tournament and taking fourth place in the PokerStars Sunday Supersonic for over $18,000 over...

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