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 License: Combo Pack: $39.99, Equity Trainer: $24.99, Pre-Flop Trainer: $24.99, Free 24-Hour Trial

Ace Poker Drills Synopsis

Ace Poker Drills is a set of three tools designed to train you to recognize what to do while in a hand and how to understand your pot odds and equity. The three pieces of the suite are offered individually and also sold together in a Combo Pack. The Equity Trainer helps you understand and master your expected share of the pot (equity and pot odds). The Pre-Flop Trainer simulates situations in a hand during pre-flop. Finally, the Odd/Outs and Equity Calculator helps you understand basic poker math.

Ace Poker Drills Full Review

For beginning micro-stakes online poker players, understanding the dynamics of equity and pot odds is critical to becoming a winner.  Now, there’s Ace Poker Drills, a suite of three tools designed to quiz you so that you can master these concepts in a real world setting.

The first piece of software is called the Equity Trainer, which retails for $24.99 by itself.  This program is designed to help you comprehend pot odds and equity in any given situation so you can make good decisions in a hand.  When you load it up, you’ll be heads-up and can choose from pre-flop (unknown cards), pre-flop (known cards), flop, turn, and river and you can switch between six-max and full ring hands.

Once you press the “Play” button at the bottom, you’ll see the hand played out and then be given the choice of one of four options to guess your equity.  It’s a very useful tool since you can test yourself against a variety of situations on multiple streets.  This is a fantastic way to get to know how your hand stands up against a villain’s range on particular boards:

The second component of the Ace Poker Drills is the Pre-Flop Trainer, which retails for $24.99. This program tests you on whether to bet, call, check, or fold in different positions.  You can switch between six-max and full ring tables and also pick the table type.  The Pre-Flop Trainer is perfect for players who want a solid foundation in basic pre-flop play for micro-stakes games:

The third component is the Odd/Outs and Equity Calculator, which is offered for free.  It allows you to practice and build your calculation skills.  When you load up the Odds and Outs quiz program, you are thrown into a pot and will see your hand and your opponent’s hand.  You are then asked how many outs you have.  Once you make the decision, you are given the correct answer and then asked for your equity.  It’s a great way to learn how to count outs and figure out your percentage of winning a hand.  The fact that this poker odds calculator offered completely free, on top of an equity calculator, is an amazing offer:

Overall, Ace Poker Drills is a solid suite of poker simulation software that is perfect for any micro-stakes player.  If you have a friend you are bringing into the world of poker, this would probably be the most +EV thing you could give them.  Even small-stakes players can always use a refresher and warm-up before sessions.  Plus, there's a 24-hour trial available.  Given the cost, this one is a no-brainer.


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