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 License: Basic Version: $19, Pro Version: $89

Odds Oracle Synopsis

Odds Oracle, available at ProPokerTools.com, can answer questions about poker probability, ranging from very simple to very complex, and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Odds Oracle, dubbed a "serious tool for serious players," is a must have for those wishing to do their own Independent Chip Modeling calculations and offers a variety of ways to gauge your equity in any situation.

Odds Oracle Full Review

Odds Oracle covers all of your needs for basic and advanced Independent Chip Modeling (ICM) calculations and offers a wide range of features that can improve any sit and go player's game.

Odds Oracle features a multitude of tools: All-In Equity Calculations, Equity Graphs, Advanced Range of Hands Syntax, Range Explorer, Ask the Oracle Generator, Reverse Equity Tool, Shove Equity Tool, PQL Interpreter, Hand History Importer, Saved Custom Ranges, and much more.  It also offers support for Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha High/Low, Seven Card Stud High, Seven Card Stud High/Low, Five Card Omaha High, and Five Card Omaha High/Low.

Odds Oracle will provide any interested poker player with hours of study time and immediately improve their game.  For players who have never used ICM calculations, the program uses easy-to-understand rows where you can provide information on your current hand, your opponent's range, the number of blinds in the pot, and your opponent's calling range in order to calculate your exact equity in the hand.  Of course, you'll need to manually come up with your opponent's hypothetical range, but you can leave the rest to Odds Oracle.

There's also an all-in equity calculator that is simple to use, along with a Hand History Importer where you can copy and paste your saved hand histories to study your shove and calling ranges after the fact.  Odds Oracle runs on your desktop and does not interfere with any of your poker play or other applications that may be active at the same time:

Advanced users will be happy to learn that Odds Oracle includes a PQL Interpreter and PQL Command Line Interface. Another nice feature is the Hand History Importer (compatible with PokerStars and the Merge Gaming Network) that allows you to import hand histories from a specific tournament (or tournaments) with one easy click.

Odds Oracle from ProPokerTools.com boasts a simple layout with features available from a convenient drop-down menu.  There are two basic tabs: “Simulator” and “PQL Interpreter,” along with a number of tools: Range Explorer, Playable Hands (Reverse Equity Tool), Shove Equity, Saved Ranges/Macros, and the Hand History Importer:

The “Preferences” area allows you to select the number of trials to run, the amount of time it takes to run those trials, the number of "runs" to display, and a thread count meter.  You can also select a file to input custom range macros.

The Basic version of Odds Oracle runs $19, while the Pro version will set you back $89.

In summary, Odds Oracle is a complete application that can convert a beginning sit and go player into an expert in very little time, while giving advanced users a limitless number of options and simulations to tweak at their own leisure.


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