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 License: 30-day free trial, $79 one-time fee for Hold'em and Omaha, €31 to upgrade from Version 4

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Poker Copilot 5 is one of the top choices for running a tracking and analysis program on an OS X operating system. The Poker Copilot brand has been around and trusted for many years and is now available on the Windows operating system as well.

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If you play poker on a Mac, Poker Copilot 5 should certainly be considered.  As many Mac users can attest to, there are limited options for poker software that functions under the OS X operating system, which leads many to install a Windows environment on their Mac via programs like Apple’s Boot Camp.  This solution for many poker players is far from optimal due to Macs being designed to function most efficiently under the OS X operating system.

Poker Copilot 5 is one of the top choices for running a tracking and analysis program on an OS X operating system. The Poker Copilot brand has been around and trusted for many years and is now available on the Windows operating system as well.

Poker Copilot 5 is a statistical tracking database and HUD.  The software is easy to install and compatible with many major online poker networks including PokerStars, Full Tilt, Winamax, PartyPoker, Ongame, and BarrierePoker.  It also fully supports the fast-paced Zoom Poker and Rush Poker on PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, respectively, which can give you a huge edge over your opponents.  Once installed, Poker Copilot 4 should automatically find your hand history folders and be instantly ready for analysis and in-game assistance.

Poker Copilot took its software to a new level when developing Poker Copilot 5.  The Mac poker software has an improved interface that looks awesome on Retina displays.  You can hide the status and filter bars and the user experience is simplified.  The database is faster than ever to start up and is lightning quick to update while playing.  The newest software also allows you to take notes on players and see a summary of hands or tournaments by date.

Poker Copilot 5’s HUD is very easy to set up and has a few default layouts you can use if they fit your needs.  All major statistics are available including Voluntarily Put in Pot % (VPIP), Pre-Flop Raise % (PFR), Aggression Factor, 3bet Pre-Flop %, Called Pre-Flop Raise %, Continuation Bet %, and Hands Played.  The latest version added some new statistics including Donk Bet on Flop, Turn, and River, Squeeze Bet, Check-Raised by Street, and 3bet statistics by position:

While there may be circumstances where having a few more available statistical categories might be helpful, all of the major ones you are likely to build up a significant sample size on are included.  Statistics are only useful if you have a large enough sample size to be able to start relying on the information for decision-making, so we do not see the software only including the most meaningful statistics to be a major downside.

The latest version also improved the HUD by being able to customize it while playing instead of before or after play.  You can change its background color and transparency, toggle between historical stats and current table stats, and show player names.

Poker Copilot 5 makes post-game analysis easy and informative.  There are separate sections for ring games and tournaments and on the left-hand side of the screen, the menu is broken out for Dashboard, Summaries, Charts, and Leak Detectors.

The Dashboard is where you go if you want down-and-dirty statistics about your play.  The two reports in the Dashboard are Basic Statistics and Advanced Statistics and they are easily filterable by date, table size, game type, and position.  The Basic Statistics report provides an easy-to-review snapshot of your play including total winnings, number of hands played, and big blinds won per 100 hands.  The Advanced Statistics includes a few more breakouts in a snapshot format:

The Summaries menu contains reports for Tournaments by Date, Recent Tournaments, Recent Hands, Hand Types, Players, Position, and Day.  Similar to the Dashboard, all of the reports are filterable.

The software has a hand history replayer that can be accessed via the Recent Hands report.  In addition to being able to review your hands in different speeds or record them, you can access your hands in a text format for easy sharing to your friends or peers via posting on a forum or sharing on social media.  Here is the Recent Hands report:

The Charts menu has charts available for Bankroll, All-In Equity, and a new one named Tournament Finishes.  There is a fourth option for Custom Chart if what is provided in the three canned charts is not enough for you.  All of the charts can be easily filterable and are simple to use.

The Leaks menu might be where you can improve your game the most.  By finding out where you might be doing something wrong, you can fix your potential leaks and play more optimally in the future.  While many statistical and tracking programs have a solution similar to what is found in the Leaks menu, it is usually an additional charge, whereas Poker Copilot 4 includes this feature in its software.

The Leaks menu includes reports for pre-flop aggression, positional awareness, blind stealing, pocket pairs, and suited connectors.  Poker Copilot recommends that you have at least 10,000 hands in your database in order for the Leaks menu to be effective, but it will still run with a less significant sample size.

Poker Copilot 5 works regardless of whether you are a tournament, cash game, or sit and go player.  The software is functional for Omaha and Hold'em, which should be ideal for most online poker players considering these are by far the two most popular poker variants.  The support team is readily available and works hard to provide what Poker Copilot users want and need.


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