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 License: 100 hand free trial, $16 to $32 per month or a one-time $99 fee

Sharkscope Desktop Synopsis

The Sharkscope Desktop is a powerful tool for all online poker players who are serious about the game, especially if you are multi-tabling and need information on your opponents. And it now works as a Hand Tracker for Cash games as well.

Sharkscope Desktop Full Review

The Sharkscope Desktop has many NEW features like combining fully functional Hand Tracker stats with SharkScope stats. It works with multiple sites and also supports ring games. It also adds many different tournament flags to your local hand tracker database and can configure different SharkScope filters.

Whichever you think is best, the Hand Tracker, the SharkScope stats or both, either of these will increase your profit in tournaments. Just knowing that the under-the-gun raiser is a fish and you can comfortably re-raise with A-Qs is awesome, but it's finding the shark that is really the most useful feature of the HUD.

If you can immediately identify the sharks at your table, you know who to steal blinds from (sharks tend to be tighter and easier to steal from) and how to avoid playing pots with. If the shark raises, you can easily fold most hands that might be playable otherwise, saving you from getting your chips in the middle when you are behind. 

Another key feature is the SharkScope Sync that monitors all the games you play to ensure they are all tracked by SharkScope itself, guaranteeing your statistics are always 100% correct. 

The Sharkscope Desktop is very easy on your processor, using almost no processing power and causing no problems on a typical machine, even while using it on many tables or many sites at a time. Many players are finding that a Hand Tracker for stats and the SharkScope icons/stats from the Sharkscope Desktop are a lethal combination, and now you get both from the SharkScope Desktop.


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