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 License: $12 to $26 a month

Sharkscope Review Synopsis tracks nearly every tournament played on the major online poker sites. Subscribers gain access to the database of statistics and non-subscribers are allowed five free searches each day. Head over to and look yourself up!

Sharkscope Review Full Review accurately tracks tournaments on every major online poker site. It maintains a massive database of these tournaments along with leaderboards where you can see exactly how well you stack up against the very best sit and go players in the world.

For anyone who plays tournaments seriously, a Sharkscope subscription is a necessity for researching your opponents while you play. offers five free searches per day and subscribers can pay $12 per month for 150 searches per day.  By simply entering a player’s screen name, you will instantly know if they are a winning player or a fish.  There are also tons of filters that you can apply to your searches to get a better idea about an opponent.  And if you're a Gold subscriber, you'll get SharkScope Desktop for free:

In some cases, the general statistics about a player don’t tell the whole story.  For example, if a person is a big winner, but all of their profit came from one score, then we can’t necessarily label that person a good player at the lower stakes we are playing.  Chances are, they are a bad player who got lucky once or twice.  The various filters help us drill down further into players’ games to find out everything we can about them:

To help us see the big picture clearly, Sharkscope assigns every player an ability rating from 1 to 100 and takes many factors into consideration for each player’s rating.  The default search results will include games played, average profit, average stake, average ROI, total profit, ability rating, and form (which indicates if a player is currently on tilt or not).  Here is a look at what you will see when you fire up Sharkscope's graphing capabilties.

The amount of money that can be made in sit and go tournaments is amazing at the highest levels. Sharkscope is one of the most important tools to help you claim that money yourself.  Sharkscope is hands down the best place on the Web to find results from sit and go tournaments.


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cynthu's Review of SharkScope

November, 1, 2008

SharkScope is great tool for poker players. It provides lots of details about the poker game/tournament and players. It is a fast and stable web site. It provides a SharkScope HUD tool which is very useful tool for poker players.

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