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Poker Odds - Apple Watch Edition Synopsis

Poker Odds – Apple Watch Edition is the latest application available from Sharkface Poker. It is the first poker odds calculator app in the iTunes Store that's available for the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod Touch. The software is easy to use and shows your pre-flop odds in five of poker's most popular games: Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud Eight or Better.

Poker Odds - Apple Watch Edition Full Review

While there are many poker odds calculators to choose from, most of them just focus on Texas Hold'em.  Not only does Poker Odds – Apple Watch Edition focus on the five different games that make up HORSE (Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud Eight or Better), it is the only app of its kind that works on the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, and iPod Touch.

This allows it to be a tool to take with you wherever you go.  You can run through poker odds scenarios from the past or, better yet, you can use it while playing live poker since it you can have the tool quickly available around your wrist or in the palm of your own hand.

Downloading the app for any of the devices mentioned is a snap from the iTunes Store, and using it is just as easy.  You won't need a lengthy manual to know what to do, as you just simply select the game you wish to calculate odds and equity on, select the number of opponents, and choose your starting hand.  From there, the software will quickly give you your pre-flop odds:

Not only is the app easy to use, but the graphics interface also makes it pleasing to the eye.  Also, after testing it for several hours on many types of devices, we never once experienced any lag.

Here's how the app works for the specific games you can get pre-flop odds and equity on.  For Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, and Stud, the calculator works the same.  You simply select the game, then the number of players, and your cards and you will quickly see your win rate %, your tie %, and your overall equity.  The equity in this case takes into account ties and wins:

The calculator works slightly differently for Stud Eight or Better since this is a split pot game, meaning that if a low hand qualifies, half the pot is designated for the highest hand on showdown and the other half for the lowest hand.  This means you need more odds and equity information than you do for the other games.  The app has your back and provides your win % for the high hand, tie % for the high hand, win % for the low hand, tie % for the low hand, overall equity, and the chances you will scoop the entire pot:

Another great thing about this software is the price, as it will only set you back $0.99, which costs you less than the rake in one hand of poker.  Whether you are just starting out learning the math behind poker or are an experienced pro, this is a very low price to pay to have all of your pre-flop odds and percentages regardless of what cards you are holding and the number of opponents you are facing at your immediate disposal wherever you go.


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