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HUSNG is a tool specifically designed for online poker players who wish to improve their Heads-Up Sit and Go skills. The paid membership includes access to professional HUSNG blogs, a hand history converter, and videos. There is a free version that has 30 free videos for trial purposes. This program is designed for offline study and therefore can theoretically be used for any online poker site that hosts SNG games.

HUSNG Full Review

HUSNG is a unique service targeted at the Heads-Up Sit and Go market, a growing segment that's also highly competitive. The website has two separate paid memberships, each with a unique set of benefits that we will get into later. There is also a free trial version that has limited access and can be used to gauge whether HUSNG is right for you.

There are many items available for HUSNG subscribers, beginning with the instructional videos that can be downloaded from the HUSNG servers and utilized locally from your own hard drive. Videos normally contain a large number of detailed comments, so new customers can get a grasp for the type of feedback that occurs.

The videos are very helpful for viewing the opinions of coaches, seeing real Heads-Up SNG action in progress, and listening to commentary. HUD software is used in the videos, so HUSNG customers are able to see real-time statistical information on coaches' opponents. Everything from pre-flop to flop, turn, and river decisions are analyzed in the videos:

HUSNG offers an impressive lineup of online poker instructors who have proven track records in Heads-Up Sit and Gos. The list of coaches includes PHMERC, HokieGreg, Barewire, RyPac13, Cog Dissonance, Chadders0, SGT RJ, JackTheShipper, ITRIED2WARNU, Bernardc, Mersenneary, and xSCWx.

There are sections for individual coaching, an all-inclusive forum for general questions, hand reviews, Ask A Heads-Up Pro, and other categories for all members. The Blog section is updated regularly and includes entries such as "$100K in 100 Days" along with day-by-day journal posts on members' and coaches' progress while using the poker training software:

In November 2012, HUSNG started selling specialized video packs that vary in cost.  The current video pack categories are Hyper Turbo, Turbo, Heads-Up No Limit Cash, Pre-Game Warm-Up, Conquering Tilt, and CoffeeYay Math Pack.

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