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 License: $29.97 for 1 month, $99.96 for 6 months, $149.88 for 1 year, $399 lifetime.

Advanced Poker Training Synopsis

This poker training site is a lot different than what you might be used to. Instead of sitting back and watching videos, Advanced Poker Training has an interactive training method that runs you through various hands and situations, all the while keeping tabs on your play. When you are done, you’ll receive a score showing how you fared. Your scores for certain challenges are even kept in a leaderboard to see who is top dog. There are weekly training reports, video and text helpers, and plenty of insightful things to do.

Advanced Poker Training Full Review

Advanced Poker Training has grown into one of the most popular ways for poker players to improve their game and has over 25,000 members from 27 countries.

Advanced Poker Training comes with an unheard of “Double Your Money Back Guarantee” with no signup fee.  This poker training site is a simulator that puts you through various tables, situations, drills, and challenges and tracks your progress.

Use the code POKERSOFTWARE" to get a six-month membership for $79.97, which is $20 off the regular price, or $119.97 for one year, which is $30 off the regular price.

When running through any one of the many gauntlets that the training system will put you through, you’ll get a detailed session analysis for every one you complete. You will also get weekly progress reports generated specifically for you that are sent right to your e-mail inbox:

The system will automatically save and replay hands that might need a second look and you can practice any hand over and over from any position.  You can receive play-by-play advice from one of the 20 advisors on staff at the site, all while being able to store your stats and win-rates.
To get an in-depth analysis of any hand while playing, you can also click on the "Brain Button," which shares an advisor’s thought process.  The Brain Button also shares how the advisor would play similar starting hands and allows you to see all the factors the advisor thought about in making a decision, an in-depth view of board characteristics and how it affects your hand strength, your opponent’s ranges, and your exact odds of winning a hand against hands your opponent might be holding:

This method allows you to pinpoint situations where you are losing money and fix leaks in your game quickly and easily.  Remember, all this is done while actually playing online poker through a web-based simulator, which is lightning quick and easy to use.

When you log in, you can click on “Play Now,” which will let you start a session at one of the various tables. As you go up in stakes, the tables will get harder, although they do not necessarily equate to stakes you would see online.  For example, the $10-$20 blind table with a $2,000 max buy-in played similar to 10nl or 25nl online.  It’s not really congruent with live poker either because it felt like the $10-$20 table played softer than normal $1-$2 live tables. Nevertheless, that doesn’t really matter since it’s all a simulation and, as you move up, the games get harder and more aggressive.

If you click on the “Members” area, you’ll see a control panel where you can start a session, tackle the weekly challenge, watch videos on how to train, see screenshots, view your statistics, replay saved hands and sessions, and select hands to share.  You can also view replays and check out your recent sessions.

The session report gives you a list of ratings for things like overall session skill, pre-flop skill, c-bet skill, and many other facets of the game.  Each of these skills is given a score and a color.  Green numbers are places you performed well, orange numbers are ones that can be a concern, and red numbers signify areas that are potential problem.
Finding hands you are looking for is easy since every hand you play is saved in your account.  You can use advanced filters including position and starting hands to quickly find hands you are looking for.  You can then replay these hands, see what the advice was, and quickly post them to a forum on Advanced Poker Training where pros and others can review and comment on your play.

One of the most unique features on Advanced Poker Training is Beat the Pro.  Here, you can choose between different levels of difficulties in a 20-hand session and, when you are done, see how you compare to a pro.  You can also check out how the pro played these hands along with actual commentary.  This is an excellent way to learn since you can see how an experienced and successful player played the same exact hands you did.

Another great feature on Advanced Poker Training is the ability to receive weekly individualized training plans allowing you to focus on your biggest weaknesses.  The software identifies your weaknesses by analyzing your play via 100 points of data while focusing on your most recent trends.  The software then provides a helpful report explaining why these are your weaknesses and what you can do to work on them.
A fun tool as well as one that is a good test to take periodically is the What’s the Nuts Game. Here you are presented with a variety of boards and you need to quickly decide which hole cards would give you the nuts or the best hand possible. Even if you are an experienced player, this is good to try to run through as fast as possible since when you are playing for real money you can feel confident that you will have this knowledge under your belt:

Beginning poker players will do themselves wonders by using this system, but there are also great features that will benefit online grinders playing small- and mid-stakes games.  The game automatically saves any hand where the player makes an error in judgment and other types of interesting hands.  By being able to watch replays of these hands, more experienced players can significantly improve their ability to make reads on their opponents and vary their play to keep opponents guessing.  This is particularly true in the highest level game on the site, where the opponents are solid TAG players who adjust to your playing style using artificial intelligence.

Playing an actual session or taking on one of the weekly challenges is actually a lot of fun. It’s definitely worth a try and you’ll find it to be an intuitive poker experience.  Basically, it’s fun to play, and that’s really the most important thing of all.

Advanced Poker Training is also designed to help tournament players, which is by far the most popular method of playing No Limit Hold'em with a multi-table tournament simulator. The training software allows you to mimic just about any tournament you can think of, including huge field tournaments with deep structures to two- to three-table tournaments with shallow structures. Not only will practicing at different structures help you get better, but if there is one type of structure you typically focus on, you can use the software to solely focus on that until you feel you are the best player at the tables. has a new spin on poker training that is highly recommended for beginning and micro-stakes poker players, and it also has some beneficial features for more experienced players.


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Member Reviews


pocketjacksJJ's Review of Advanced Poker Training

June, 13, 2016

I just wanted to post a review of Advanced Poker Training because the site has really helped me. Mostly I play the 9-max simulator, but occasionally the MTTs too. The new brain button helps you take a look at the board texture, your win rate, what hands the other players might be holding. I really enjoy this site and they are actively improving it too and they have great support too whenever I have a question.

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carrington's Review of Advanced Poker Training

April, 11, 2013

This site is simply amazing. I am done with sites that only let you watch videos. The opponents are solid, and they give you advice while you play. Plus it gives you weekly reports, hand replays, oh and now they have a sit-n-go trainer too.

11 users said this review was helpful
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CBezz's Review of Advanced Poker Training

September, 15, 2011

Hi im bezz, I just had to tell everyone what i think of these sorts of training training tools or self stat trackers, it really annoys me when you play the game exactly way you should and thats play the player before you play the cards, you will vplay a session 200-500-1000 hands just for some computer program to say your raising to often or that your playing to many hands and that when you do your your more aggresive than 75% of people, if these sorts of tools are going to be taken seriously, from me at least anyway, i want to see a tool that takes the 8 or 9 other players that have played those 200-500 hands against you into consideration, when the guy one seat before the button has raised the last 7 times when every one has folded before him and im in the SB of course im going to start making a reraise here and there to let him know that i wont be pushed around, and of course he folds to those reraises till he knows hes not getting away with stealing everytime and then these poker tools tell you your playing from the SB way to often so you get failed for betting out of position, depending on the number of hands you get failed for not folding enough hands failed for being to aggresive, although you have been there long enough and have stats on these people to know how they play and what there going to do so as any old pro will tell you playing the player before you have even looked at your cards has no factor in these training tools what so ever and some one needs to try and do somthing about that, i havnt tried this training tool it just seemed a good place to tell everyone what i think about training tools. Thanks.

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Rich1976's Review of Advanced Poker Training

April, 7, 2011

Cool program. Lots of hands per hour, fun practice. I actually saw one of the bots in real life at Mohegan Sun! I saw the guy walk off with 5 trays of chips one day (green, red, and a a handful of black!!). The dealer said his name was "Cain" but that they called him "snakeman." He looked exactly like "Raising Cain" from the final level on ATP, hat, beard, all of it.

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chippingaway's Review of Advanced Poker Training

March, 22, 2011

I found advanced poker training through this site and I became a member a week ago. I am enjoying my membership and I think the best feature is the automatically saved hands. Whenever I make a play that is not very good, it saves the hand for me so I can review it with an advisor. When I watch the replays, then I can decide how I would play differently in the future. This feature alone is worth the membership fee. I would consider myself an average player, and I would recommend this site particularly for lower-mid stakes players.

9 users said this review was helpful
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