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HORSE Poker Calculator is the latest application available from Sharkface Poker. It's a poker odds calculator designed for HORSE players and is available on the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone. This product is the first and only application that will show your poker odds in any scenario imaginable in five different poker games.

HORSE Poker Calculator Full Review

Poker calculators are perfect learning and ranging tools and many of them exist for Texas Hold'em. The HORSE Poker Calculator is the first one to provide odds and hand equity for Hold'em (H), Omaha (O), Razz (R), Stud (S), and Stud Eight or Better (E). The software is simple to download from the iTunes Store and intuitive to use without having to read lengthy manuals.

For Texas Hold'em, it is simple to plug in hands for you and up to nine opponents to see what your win, tie, and total equity are in the hand at any point in time. You can also plug in a flop and turn and see how your odds improve or diminish based on what is on the board. Both of these scenarios are useful when trying to range your equity in the hand.

There is an option to have the best hand in a yellow circle based off either the win and tie percentage of the hand or the equity percentage of the hand. In most cases, it will be the same hand that is circled no matter what option you choose; however, we found an example shown below where the opponent most likely to win the hand was not the same as the person who had the most equity in the hand:

The Omaha calculator works very similar to the Hold'em calculator except the software requires all four of your hold cards. Instead of a box for equity, there is a box for whether this is an Omaha High only scenario or an Omaha High-Low scenario. I found it interesting how good hands like 6-7-7-8 double-suited were favorites against A-A-K-K when playing Omaha High-Low, but an underdog when playing Omaha High.

The Razz calculator works by plugging in three to seven cards for yourself and at least one other opponent. This tool will show your likelihood of winning. This is an ideal studying tool and if you can range your opponents correctly, it can come in use when deciding whether to continue a hand you are currently in. The Stud calculator works similar to the Razz calculator, except it is making calculations based off drawing to the highest hand, not the lowest hand:

The Stud Eight or Better calculator has similar features to the Razz and Stud calculators, but the results will show you the likelihood of winning the high, winning the low, and total equity in the hand. Since Stud Eight of Better is a drawing game, it is of equal importance to understand your low equity and high equity and look at them in tandem. If you are serious about learning split pot games, learning the odds is of the utmost importance. This software has the ability to improve anyone's knowledge of the complex mathematics behind the game.
Whether you are first starting out learning various poker games or an experienced professional, this online poker odds calculator has something for you. The application is a bargain at $0.99 considering this is less than the rake of one hand you are involved in and how much this calculator can improve your game.


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