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HH Dealer offers much the same services as its competitors: hand histories in bulk that allow you to get a leg up on competitors before you even sit down. However, it has one major advantage: HH Dealer offers a client that automatically downloads and unzips your hand histories into the folder of your choice, saving you time.

HH Dealer Full Review

HH Dealer offers two ways to purchase hand histories with its Bulk Purchase and Monthly Purchase methods.  The site regularly tracks more than three million hands per day across all of the sites it mines.  To review the site’s offerings, customers can use the new coverage tool to see how many hands were mined.  The filters include site, game, stakes, and table type.  When a person selects what filters they wish to use and clicks the “Show” button, the past 14 days come up in a bar graph showing how many hands were captured.

The Bulk Purchase area of the data mining site is where customers go if they want to buy a large number of hands in one transaction.  Players have five filters to use to supply an order: poker site, game, stakes, table type, and number of hands.  The minimum order is 250,000 hands and the maximum is four million, with prices based on the number of hands you purchase.

When you initiate a query using the Bulk Purchase tool, the site generates a grid to show you how much difference in price it would be for different volumes and stakes.  Using this example, the grid showed that buying four million hands for the same level would be $163; if I wanted to buy two million hands from $0.50-$1, it would be $77.  These prices are competitive in the marketplace and payment methods include Moneybookers and PayPal.

The other method of purchasing hand histories from HH Dealer is the Monthly Purchase option.  For this price, users receive a daily e-mail with the hand histories of the previous day in their Inbox.  Payments only cover future hands and as soon as the site receives your money, it starts sending hands.  When you initiate the Monthly Purchase option, you choose one of the site's supported games and stakes.  The cost of one online poker site at $1-$2 (six-max and full ring hands) for a month was $25, which comes out to less than a $1 per day.  Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll start receiving e-mails with information on how to download your order.

The HH Dealer client is very slick and easy to use.  You simply enter your e-mail address and the locations of your hand histories for the poker sites that you play.  Here is a look at the Preferences screen:

You can manually search for the latest hands instead of waiting for the e-mail if you choose.  Searching for hands is as simple as clicking a button.  You can search for hands and begin your download on the following screen:

HH Dealer sells hand histories from PartyPoker, iPoker, Entraction, OnGame, Merge, and 888.  Only Texas Hold'em is covered, but nearly all levels are included, from $25 No Limit to $5,000 No Limit and Fixed Limit games from $0.10/$0.20 to $25/$50.  Go check it out!

Make sure to check the HH Dealer discount page for weekly specials.


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bando's Review of HH Dealer

April, 23, 2014

On their homepage they say, they re selling PokerStars hands too. Is that thrue?

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mofobernd's Review of HH Dealer

June, 1, 2010

Cheaper than PTR and much more hands. Great Service.

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