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Tournament Shark will attach itself to each of your tournament tables (including SNGs) and display each of your opponent's relevant statistics. Knowing how well each opponent plays, where they typically finish, and how often they play are incredibly valuable. If you are a frequent tournament player, Tournament Shark will pay for itself quickly.

Tournament Shark Full Review

Poker Pro Labs has done a fantastic job with Tournament Shark. With all of the features and vast amounts of information that the program provides, we expected Tournament Shark to really eat up processing time, but it runs smooth as silk and didn't cause a single problem during the time we spent reviewing it.

Tournament Shark automatically senses your open tournament tables, looks up each player, and displays their win rate, finish position frequency, and number of games tracked. It then assigns each player a card to grade their overall performance. An ace is a player you don't want at your table, while that deuce to your left is a great guy to play hands with. The program draws on a large database of tournaments that grows every day, including coverage of over 98% of tournaments at the major sites.  Tournament Shark can even be used with mutiple tournaments running on multiple different poker sites simultaneously.  Below is what the software looks like when attached to your table:

Tournament Shark is very easy to use. Simply launch the program, minimize it, and Tournament Shark will continue to run in your system tray. As soon as you launch a poker tournament, Tournament Shark will attach itself to your table automatically and you will instantly be able to judge if your opponents are fish or sharks based on their tournament statistics. It’s that easy.  You can filter your results by selecting from different drop down menus like the example below:

The traditional method of looking up player’s statistics in a database usually means searching for each player one at a time, which can be very time-consuming. Tournament Shark has taken the leg work out of looking up your opponents' statistics. Just start playing and you will instantly see various statistics about the players at your table. You even utilize advanced filter options that will allow you to choose different tournament types, time periods, game types, buy-in levels, and number of entrants. You can also adjust Tournament Shark's general preferences. For example, if you want Tournament Shark to launch every time you start up your computer, you can do so. 

For serious sit and go or multi-table tournament players, this program is an absolute must have. If you aren't using it on your opponents, then you are definitely losing value at the tables.


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Braskey's Review of Tournament Shark

November, 13, 2008

Ilove the way this software attaches right to your table.

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