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 License: €89.99 for Holdem or Omaha Full Version for 1 year, €129.99 Lifetime License for Both, First 300 Hands Free

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The Poker Office brand has been around for many years and has outdone itself with its newest version, Poker Office 6. It's an easy-to-use poker odds calculator, poker tracking and analysis database, and HUD, all in one product. The newest version has a sleek new design that provides more information than ever before.

Poker Office 6 Full Review

Poker Office 6 is the perfect software for beginning and advanced Texas Hold’em or Omaha players.  For beginning players, the software provides a real-time poker odds calculator, so you can see if it makes sense to continue your hand based on your odds of improving your hand and the pot odds.  For more advanced players, the software provides a top-notch poker tracking and analysis database and a state-of-the-art HUD.

The software is very easy to install on Windows-based PCs and is free to play around with for your first 300 hands.  Poker Office will automatically detect where your hand histories are stored, and in the rare case that the software has an issue finding your stored hand histories, you can also manually select your folder.

After installing the software and uploading a few hands, you will want to select which player names are yours for in-game and post-game analysis purposes.  For those playing on multiple sites, it is recommended that you create an alias linking all of your play together in the database.

The poker odds calculator is second-to-none.  All of the information is stored in an easy-to-read chart underneath your poker table, and some of the most important information is displayed on the table itself.  The table includes where your hand ranks out of all possible hands, what your current hand is on all streets, what your best possible hand is, what the pot is, what your pot odds are, and what your odds are of improving.

On the table itself are the pot size, pot odds, and playable odds.  If you are just starting out playing poker or need help with the mathematical aspects, this part of the software alone will easily pay back the price of it considering that many competing poker odds calculators function on a subscription basis:

The poker tracking and analysis database has improved from version to version, and in Poker Office 6, the amount of data you have on-hand to analyze your game and track your results compares with that of industry leaders like PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2.

The software breaks out your play between cash games and tournaments and between Hold’em and Omaha, and shows you the results broken out by limits among a plethora of stats.  The statistics are filterable by almost anything you can think of, including specific hands or specific hand ranges.  There are also a variety of graphs you can utilize to see certain trends in your game:

The HUD is perhaps our favorite part of the software and has almost any stat you can think of on any street you can think of.  If you want to be able to exploit your opponents, it is important to be able to understand their tendencies in certain spots.

You can set your HUD to show information just on the current session or your entire history with an opponent.  There are also useful player icons summarizing your opponents' styles of play.  If this is not enough for you, you can keep notes on your opponents.  By just winning one extra pot, this software more than pays for itself.

The hand history replayer in Poker Office 6 is superb since it provides you not only with the action in a particular hand, but it also shows you pot odds, odds, best hand, and pot size.  You will be able to see the HUD statistics on yourself and your opponents.  The replayer allows you to review a single hand or a group of hands with ease.

Poker Office 6 comes at a one-year price of €89.99 for Holdem or Omaha or €129.99 for a lifetime license for both.  This includes free updates for life as well as stellar support.  Regardless of whether you are a beginning or advanced player, we recommend you try out Poker Office 6 today.


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Nutzhats's Review of Poker Office 6

November, 21, 2012

The support answer most time in 48 hours, but this is the only problem . The software working very well and i never want miss it ! Also PO 5 is great !

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Flyfisher's Review of Poker Office 6

August, 24, 2012

Never worked and support would rarely or never respond. Its an annual subscription so no refund.

7 users said this review was helpful
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blanks's Review of Poker Office 6

August, 24, 2012

I just purchased outright from there website. Having some issues w/ set-upand support is either totally lame or non-exitantant? I cant even register on their forum. I've sent several emails over last couple weeks and have no reply.

10 users said this review was helpful
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dogges's Review of Poker Office 6

August, 24, 2012

Fantastic Software !!!


bea's Review of Poker Office 6

March, 22, 2009

Older version give unexpected error, very bad support (meat all the requirements for a free license and after 48 hour still no reg. code)

2 users said this review was helpful
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