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Poker Striker Synopsis

Poker Striker is a unique poker odds calculator that provides your odds of winning pre-flop and on a variety of streets based off a random holding of your opponent(s). Poker Striker can be used as a tool while playing online or during study sessions to assist you in learning the odds behind Texas Hold’em. The software was designed for beginning Hold’em players who may have just played a few hands in their lives as well as more experienced players who never understood the mathematics behind the game.

Poker Striker Full Review

Poker Striker is very quick-to-download and intuitive-to-use poker odds calculator.  It has a detailed instruction manual to help you get started learning how to use the Texas Hold’em odds calculator.

To start using PokerStriker, enter a hand for yourself and select the number of opponents, with a maximum of nine.  Before entering a flop into Poker Striker, your odds of winning your hand based off the random two card holdings of your opponent(s) are clearly displayed across the top of the software.  Your odds are also clearly displayed as you enter cards for the turn and river.  With the handy “Always on Top” button, you can keep Poker Striker’s software always visible while you are playing poker online and quickly plug in hands and see your odds as the hand plays out.

A cool feature that you do not see on other poker odds calculators is the Probability Map.  The Map shows you the odds of getting a pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, or straight flush for both you and your opponent on all streets.

Besides having the overall odds displayed on the top of the software client, you also have a Card Map, which shows what your odds increase to or are reduced to depending on what the next card of the deck is.  This can be quite help since even though you might be 50% to win at a certain point in a hand, if you see on the Card Map that most of the cards show less than 50%, you might feel like you have a good chance of not improving your hand on future streets and be less likely to win:

Another feature that can be useful when first starting to learn poker is the Deck.  When clicking on the Deck, you will see all of the hands that beat your hand based on what is presented on the board.  Most experienced players will ignore this feature, but it is a good study tool for the true beginner.

When finished with a hand, you can enter your chips and the total game chips as well as whether you won, lost, or tied.  You can then review to see what you might have done right or wrong.

Poker Striker’s team prides itself on coming out with a poker odds calculator that utilizes perfect mathematics and not a random sampling of hands.  Regardless of when you input a certain combination of hands, you will see consistent results on each occurrence.

You can try Poker Striker for free for up to 100 hands or 30 saved games.  After you have tried the odds calculator out, you can see if it will help your understanding of the odds behind Texas Hold’em and purchase a one-year license for $69.99.  Learn more at


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