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HHBase.com provides hand history information for PokerStars, PartyPoker, Ongame, and iPoker. The application works in conjunction with Holdem Manager and imports data from its server. The main attraction of HHBase is the fact that information updates constantly, in turn avoiding lags and other delays related to the mass importing of data.

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HHBase is a program that works in conjunction with Holdem Manager to provide up-to-the-minute hand history information. The advantage of using such a program over similar data mining applications comes from its ability to mine hands every minute. You can connect HHBase to Holdem Manager and refresh your data every minute. This means you can start playing using a HUD or TableScanTurbo right away.

For example, if a weak online poker player just made his first deposit 15 minutes ago, you'll be able to notice this thanks to the information given by HH Base. You'll be able to see the player's high VPIP and other tendencies almost immediately, allowing you to rake in the expected value in the form of profit. This can also prove to be valuable in situations where an opponent is on tilt. Statistics can drastically change in only a few minutes and these tendencies will favor online poker players who have the most updated information. You'll get all of this information by connecting to a database.

There is some initial setup that must be performed in order to get HHBase.com up and running, but there is a complete FAQ to help new users and the process shouldn't be too complicated for every day poker software users. Basically, the auto-import folders for Holdem Manager will need to be empty before receiving data from HHBase:

Overall coverage guarantees that over 95% of all hands played at every stake get entered into the database. In-depth analysis can be subsequently performed on opponents and/or your own play. This will almost ensure an improvement to one's bottom line, as it allows players to analyze key statistics provided by the HH Base database in order to adjust their play appropriately.

Online players who make use of the specific stakes option when using HHBase will need to make sure they are only playing at those registered stakes. Players should not play on sites and stakes they have not registered for while using HHBase because the hand history information will not be automatically imported into Holdem Manager.

Table scanning programs can be used while importing hands via HH Base as long as they are compatible with Holdem Manager. This is also a key benefit, as you will still be able to choose the most profitable tables in accordance with your own style of play while using HHBase’s hand importing tool. Here’s a look at HHBase’s server mapping:

HHBase offers full price and half price packages depending on whether you need information from six-max tables, full ring, or both. Your first, or "main," stake level will be charged at full price, while additional stakes can be purchased at half price. Monthly subscription costs for micro-stakes ($0.10/$0.25) begin at $13 for half price and $25 for full price, and go up to $110 per month for $10/$20 and $25/$50.

By the way, if you've never heard of TableScanTurbo, it's analog of Table Scanner. It can work with all poker rooms, can work with several databases and poker rooms at the same time, has a lot of filters and auto-wait list options, and works faster than comparible programs.

HHBase comes with a free three-day trial for those who wish to try out the hand history importing tool before committing to a full purchase. For more information, visit HHBase.com.

Please check your poker site's Terms and Conditions prior to using HHBase.


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