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Drag the Bar is a free training site that offers up poker training videos for cash game, tournament, sit and go, and backgammon players. The videos are DRM-free, meaning that you can watch them as much as you want, even if you decide to walk away from your subscription. The site has talented coaches like Hunter “BeachJustice” Bick, Owen "Qtip" Gaines, and Paul "GiantBuddha" Hoppe, and mind game guru Jared Tendler.

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Drag the Bar is a free poker training site that offers something for just about everyone, whether you are a cash game, multi-table tournament, or sit and go player.  All of the videos are DRM-free and are compatible with your iPhone or iPod.  One of the unique features of Drag the Bar is that the site publishes its coaches’ results to a public database.  This ensures that you feel comfortable learning from players who are legitimately beating the games:

The coaches employed at Drag the Bar are all highly experienced and successful in online poker circles.  Videos are produced daily and you can see what’s on the horizon by checking out the “Upcoming Videos” calendar.  The video section allows you to pick through cash games, tournaments, sit and gos, and Backgammon.  From there, the matrix will show you the coach’s name, video title, game, stakes, and the date the video was produced.  If the video is in a series, a “+” will appear and you will be able to click it to reveal all videos from that series:

Once you select a video, a full text description will appear and you can click “Watch Video” to have that page load up.  You can download the “Full Size” and “iPod” versions of the video to watch locally on your computer or phone.  Alternatively, you can just watch the streaming edition right from the Drag the Bar website.  The videos are very well made and offer a lot for players at all stakes to improve their games, be it No Limit Hold’em, Limit Hold’em, or Pot Limit Omaha.

Other great sections of the site include the blogs, which let players and coaches have a running narrative of their lives for site members to check out.  Many of the coaches make themselves available on the forums, which are a great way to interact with the community at large.

Overall, Drag the Bar has solid content and a fantastic list of coaches for you to learn from.  The coaches themselves are all verified winners and do a great job interacting with students in the forums.


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Punky159's Review of Drag The Bar

June, 12, 2010

While this is a relatively new site, the instructors are class acts that really know how to get the message across. The Sit and Go section needs a lot of work though, but cash and mtt areas are a step above the competition.

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