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 License: Free for 30 days, €1.90 for a lifetime license

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PS Mate is an AutoHotKey application that provides plenty of options to multi-table with ease on PokerStars. The application is available in English and Italian and has plenty of features for reviewing hand histories. PSMate also allows you to cycle through several tables to ensure you don't miss any of the action.

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PS Mate is a simple product that is specifically designed for multi-tabling on PokerStars and can be used for cash games, tournaments, or both at the same time.

A quick look at the “Options” tab for PS Mate will give the busy multi-tabler a number of features for customized hotkeys. Check, call, bet, raise, and fold with the stroke of a single key on your keyboard. You can also increase or decrease the amount of your bet slider and cycle through your tables by using the keys you set:

The "Mouse Gameplay" tab has three functions: you can have your mouse do all of the work, you can have the mouse move over the “Fold,” “Call,” or “Raise” buttons by using the wheel, or you can go all-in or select the bet slider options.

The "Cash Game" tab allows you to set a hotkey to launch a new cash game table. You can also automatically close the buy-in pop-up window and there is a default setting to auto-close the popup window that says, "Unable to find a similar table" for those who are busy opening up new tables.

Other options include the ability to show the main lobby with the stroke of a key, toggle between English and Italian, and be prompted by a pre-selected sound file when it's your turn to act.

There is an additional option in PS Mate to check your session statistics that shows the number of tables you have open, the amount you've invested in your current session (for both cash games and tournaments), the winnings you've accumulated in the current session, and the total amount of time you've spent at the virtual tables. Once a tournament has ended, PS Mate can automatically bring up the entire hand history so you can analyze your play or close the popup window out depending on your needs:

You can check out PSMate by visiting It's quite a bit cheaper than its competitors and can be a worthwhile investment for players who are just getting into multi-tabling and want to see what an AHK script will do. Try PS Mate out for 30 days and if you're satisfied with the product, you can obtain a password for a €1.90 fee.


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phil2222's Review of PS Mate

September, 21, 2011

I like Ps Mate and in my opinion is worth more than what it costs. Thanks to its features I can easily and quickly multitable 12x (that is my present limit). More, its numerous updates show that its authors are ready to solve bugs or add features. Some days ago, for example, has been addes 5 new useful hotkeys. In conclusion, I think it is a low cost advisable program.

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