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 License: $99, Seven-Day Free Trial

iHoldem Indicator Synopsis

iHoldem Indicator is one of the only online poker odds calculators available for Mac poker players. Developed by the same group that created Holdem Indicator and Tournament Indicator, the software provides you with an informative in-game poker odds calculator and helpful decision-making tool.

iHoldem Indicator Full Review

iHoldem Indicator is very easy to install and, like most Mac poker software, is very easy to use.  Its support team is around 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.  The software is compatible with all PokerStars, Ongame, Full Tilt Poker, and PartyPoker skins for tournaments, cash games, and sit and gos.  For those just learning poker, the software functions on play money and real money tables alike.

The poker odds calculator was very clearly designed and attaches itself to the bottom of your poker tables.  Its main statistics include:

Win Odds – This statistic represents what iHoldem Indicator says your chance is of winning the hand if it goes to showdown.  The algorithm uses information such as your cards, community cards, and the number of opponents in the hand to give you an approximate idea of where you stand.

Pot Odds – This statistic represents the ratio of how many chips are in the pot to how many chips you need to call a bet.

Hand Odds – This statistic represents your odds of hitting a certain hand such as a flush or straight when you are still drawing cards.

EV – This statistic represents the approximate expected value of your hole cards.

Group – This statistic categorizes your pre-flop hands into nine potential groupings as defined by David Sklansky in his book "Hold’em Poker for Advanced Tournament Players."

Outs – This statistic shows how many cards can improve your hand.

Position – This statistic shows your position in the hand after the flop.
As you can see, these statistics are helpful for any player trying to learn the math and basic strategy behind Hold’em.  If it isn’t enough to have an in-game calculator, iHoldem Indicator also provides an easy-to-use manual poker odds calculator:

iHoldem Indicator doesn’t stop there.  It also takes your stored hand history details and provides you player statistics, which include the number of hands, VPIP, PFR, 3Bet/F, Steal/F, Aggression Factor, Cbet/F, WSD/W, Net Chips Won, and Profiling Icons.  The Profiling Icons are perhaps the most useful, as they summarize the information you have to give you a profile of your opponent that will allow you to exploit their tendencies.

The HUD contains many basic statistics and is a great starter HUD.  For many players, this HUD will be sufficient not only for their learning process, but also when they are more advanced players.  Since the software costs a reasonable one-time fee of $99, many people will not see the need to spend more money on a more advanced HUD when they have everything they need in iHoldem Indicator:

iHoldem Indicator also has a few other cool features, my favorite being a “You have the nuts” notification.  For beginning Texas Holdem players, it is important to know when your hand can’t be beat, and for more experienced players, it is just nice to have a pat on your back that you are currently invincible:

The software will also let you know your M and your opponents' Ms during tournaments so you will be able to adjust to different stack sizes compared to the blinds and antes.  The program also has a variety of settings including the ability to turn features on and off during play and some handy color-coding.

While many of its competitors take advantage of new players by offering a subscription-based model, iHoldem Indicator allows players to learn at their own speed and not worry about when their subscription will be over.  After you have mastered the math behind poker, you can still enjoy iHoldem Indicator’s player statistics and HUD.


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Betfan1976's Review of iHoldem Indicator

April, 3, 2016

Thank you for listing this software. It works with my new Mac. So I don't have to use parallels.

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browrs2's Review of iHoldem Indicator

October, 6, 2015

I wouldn't pay for this again if I had any choice. Unfortunately, I'm a US player in Maryland playing on BetOnline so this is my only choice. It lacks all but the most basic functionality. If it's your only choice it's nice, but at $100 it's a huge ripoff and feels like I'm being taken advantage of because I have no other options. 3/5 only because it's all I have to choose from. If it was competing with anything I'd rate lower.

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HunterSmith91's Review of iHoldem Indicator

May, 31, 2014


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