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AutoHotKey (AHK) is a quick and simple program that automates common tasks on your PC. Poker players have written a multitude of various scripts for this powerful tool, allowing you to create buddy lists, macros, even open tables with the click of a button and change everything about the way you play poker.

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We could talk all day about what AutoHotKey can do for an online poker player, but you probably don't have all day. AHK can do nearly anything for you and if it's not already written, you can probably write a script yourself to accomplish whatever task you need to be automated. You can watch videos of what our favorite AHK scripts can do, but we thought a short list of the things we use AHK scripts for the most might help you to understand how powerful the program can be. Remember that this is free software and you don't need a fast machine for it.

Get started by downloading and installing AutoHotKey -

Multi-table automation - AHK scripts can open tables for you, place them in preset places on your screen, show you which tables need your attention, and then top off your stack any time it gets below a certain level. If you are multi-tabling without AHK, then you are working too hard and not making as much money as you should be.

Simple game tasks - AHK can allow you to control the betting slider in no-limit and pot-limit games with your mouse wheel, play with a Playstation controller, hide pop-ups, and hundreds of other tasks.

Fish and buddy lists - AHK scripts have been written that will track your buddies (or your favorite fish), alert you when they sign on, and even take you to their table.

Datamining - AHK can open tables, keep them open, and help you get the data from them without any work or input from you.

Strategy - AHK scripts can calculate the SAGE system for heads-up play for you, show you hand combinations, and help you play the end game correctly in sit and go tournaments by helping you find your bubble factor. Here's a preview:

Check out our list of AHK scripts, and watch the simple video that we have prepared about setting up AHK on your desktop to get started. We will be adding the most useful AHK scripts to our list and updating it regularly, so if you don't see what you are looking for, keep checking and we'll probably have it soon.


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