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Online poker graphing tools can help you visualize different aspects of your poker playing to better understand the data being graphed. Some poker graphing applications are web based, such as Poker Charts and Poker Dominator. Others are stand alone applications that you run on your computer. Examples of these types of poker graphing programs are Poker Grapher and Setometer.

Poker Charts and Poker Dominator allow you to track your wins and losses through a web based application. You enter the data into their website and they save it for you, so that it will be accessible anywhere there is internet. They offer a variety of graphing options to view your wins and losses.

Setometer is a neat little program that visualizes how often you are flopping sets relative to the statistical probability based on the number of hands you have played. This allows you to see just how good, or bad, you are running over a given period of time. Poker Grapher is another useful tool that allows you to graph your poker winnings. It is highly customizable so that you can create graphs of exactly what you want to see.

The main benefit of poker graphing apps is that they allow you an alternative method of viewing data. They make information more presentable and easy to understand. Many of the current tracking and analysis tools such as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker 3 include graphing utilities.

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