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 License: 30-day free trial, Starter: $34.99 per year, Intermediate: $99 per year, Pro: $229.95 per year or $24.99 per month

PokerSnowie Synopsis

PokerSnowie is a powerful neural network program that will improve your No Limit Texas Hold'em game. The software helps identify hands and situations that were not played optimally and lets you review the preferred course of action. If you are looking to improve your ability to make correct decisions every time you play a hand, PokerSnowie is the right tool for you.

PokerSnowie Full Review

PokerSnowie was designed to make your post-game analytical review and improvement process a breeze.  The software downloads very quickly and is simple to install.  It automatically brings up a four-step tutorial the first time you use it to facilitate learning the software.  The tutorial runs through how to import hands, view your analysis, check your rating, and review your errors.  The software runs $34.99 per year.

PokerSnowie is able to import hand histories from just about all of the major poker sites.  All you need to do is direct PokerSnowie to the folder your hand histories are stored in on your hard drive and the software will quickly import them.

Challenge PokerSnowie

One of the best features about PokerSnowie is Challenge PokerSnowie.  Here you can play against the software's artificial intelligence in a cash game or freezeout and you can set the amount of players, stakes, and buy-ins.  You can also get real-time and post-game analysis of how you are playing.  This is a great way is to learn while you play without needing to risk any real money on the tables.

Overall Rating

Reviewing your play in PokerSnowie is easy.  The software quickly analyzes your hands upon import and provides an overall snapshot.  This report gives you an overall rating, total profit or loss, number of blunders that were made, and what those blunders cost you:

From here, it is also possible to review hands to see how PokerSnowie would recommend you play them.  There are links to browse hands by Moves, Errors, Blunders, and Showdowns.  This makes reviewing what you want a breeze since hands outside of the classification you are looking for are not included.

Evaluation, Hand Strength, Analysis

Besides analyzing hands from links in the snapshot, you can view hands through the Hands option on the top of the software.  Regardless of how you find your hand, PokerSnowie provides three tabs for each one: Evaluation, Hand Strength, and Analysis.

The Evaluation tab presents an overall rating on whether the move in a hand you are viewing was correct as well as the EV based on different bet sizes.  The Hand Strength tab displays your showdown strength in statistical and graphical forms, making it easy to see how weak or strong your hand actually is:

The Analysis tool is where you can really learn how to improve your game.   The software provides tons of useful information about hand ranges as well as pre-flop analysis:

Profit and Loss, Error Details, Balance, Balance Details, Playing Stats, Opponents

The snapshot provides tabs for Overview, Profit and Loss, Error Details, Balance, Balance Details, Playing Stats, and Opponents.  There is no shortage of summary information to look at and, depending on the report, PokerSnowie will give you recommended statistical values compared to your actual values.


PokerSnowie added a new Scenarios feature as part of its Version 2 upgrade.  This feature allows you to set up your own scenarios on heads-up, six-max, and full ring tables and input all of the players' hands and bets.  The software provides the same level of analysis for manually entered hands compared to imported online hands.  You will love the Scenarios feature if you play live poker and want to review certain situations you found yourself in or just love learning based on creating situations you are unsure about.


PokerSnowie also has a couple of methods to further filter your hands.  Through the import screen, you can select which hands you want analyzed or you can have all of your hands analyzed and use filters for player alias, date range, site, and stakes.

Subscription Plans

The software is excellent for the recreational player with its Starter and Intermediate subscription plans.  More experienced players will probably get more out of the Intermediate and Pro plans rather than the Starter plan.  The Starter plan features include Challenge PokerSnowie, hand browsing, error rate, game balances, statistics, 500 real money hands to upload per month and analysis of them, and 100 scenario evaluations per month.

The Intermediate subscription plan includes everything the Starter plan does plus pre-flop advice, 8,000 real money hands to upload and analysis of them, and 1,200 scenario evaluations per month.

The Pro subscription plan includes everything the Intermediate plan includes plus hand ranging tools, ranging advice, 120,000 real money hands to upload and analysis of them, and 3,000 scenario evaluations per month.

We recommend PokerSnowie to anyone who is trying to improve their No Limit Hold'em cash game.  The graphical interface is easy to use and pleasant to the eye and you should see your game improve by leaps and bounds.  You can check the program out risk-free for 30 days.  The price of the software should more than pay itself back by making better moves on the felts on just about any stakes you play.


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Kagnew's Review of PokerSnowie

August, 11, 2015

Snowie is hands down the best unbiased tutoring application on the market today. It has improved my game to the level of unconscious competence in Poker. I make my plays without even thinking about them, accurately. Snowie has made winning Poker second nature. I very highly recommend it.

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