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 License: One Month: $29.99 per month with a $99.99 signup fee Six Months: $0 per month with a $249 signup fee One Year: $0 per month with a $399 signup fee

Bluefire Poker Synopsis

Bluefire Poker is an online training site anchored by some of the biggest names in the game, including 2010 World Series of Poker November Nine member Jason “PBJaxx” Senti. The site has seven strong instructors who have made hundreds of videos on the site. For those of you who play Six-Max No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha, you’ll find a ton of great videos here in addition to some of the best PLO Heads-Up videos in the business.

Bluefire Poker Full Review

Bluefire Poker is home to Dusty "Leatherass" Schmidt and Jason “PBJaxx” Senti, who serve as two of its primary instructors.  The site has a wide variety of videos in its library and at the time of this review, hundreds of them have been made.  The training videos can be sorted via the filters on the “Videos” page and can be watched via the Flash player on the website or downloaded as WMV files.

The site has an interesting slant on its stable of instructors.  Rather than have dozens of players that are winning regulars at all of the stakes making videos, Bluefire Poker has a small and elite list of instructors that crush the games they play in.  This means that the intelligence factor in the videos you are watching is quite high, so if you are a Micro-Stakes player who is new to the game, you might get a little lost.

However, if you are like most players that frequent poker training sites, there’s a nice high-IQ level of videos that cater specifically to Small and Mid-Stakes players looking to make a serious jump in their game.  All of the videos at Bluefire Poker are either Heads-Up or Six-Max, so if you’re a full ringer, then you’ll need to look elsewhere:

The cost of the site is higher than what we’ve seen at other training outlets.  If you decide to go month-to-month, you’ll be paying a $99 setup fee and $29.99 per month.  If you go for a six-month subscription, you don’t pay monthly, but just pay a one-time $249 signup fee, which equates to a $41.50 per month investment.  Going for a full year drops that investment down to a more reasonable $33.25 per month, which is much closer to the industry norm.

Bluefire Poker also has a forum area where coaches and students meet to talk poker.  The most populated area is the “Poker Strategy” section, which has breakout sections for Micro-Stakes, Small-Stakes, Medium-Stakes, and High-Stakes discussions for No Limit Hold’em and Small- and Medium-, and High-Stakes sections for Pot Limit Omaha discussion:

Overall, Bluefire Poker has a very interesting niche carved out for itself within the poker training community.  It may not have the mass appeal of sites that boast thousands of videos in their libraries, but this higher brow education will better serve players with a lot of experience at the tables.  There are numerous videos for No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha Heads-Up and Six-Max players, so if you fit that description, Bluefire Poker is a site you’re going to want to check out.


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