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A results tracking program that allows a player to evaluate his or her progress in different locations, game types, and buy-ins. Perhaps the greatest advantage this application has over its competition is the ability to import files from PokerTracker. However, this process is tedious and only 2,000 hand histories can be imported at one time. Poker Dominator is a free web-based application that requires no download.

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Poker Dominator is a web-based application that tracks and graphs your results for online and live poker play.  After manually recording sessions or importing hand histories, a player can see his or her statistics including win rate, hourly rate, and total time played:

Poker Dominator is free to use and requires no download.  There is an issue with importing more than 2,000 hand histories at one time from PokerTracker, so this application will be enjoyed most by players who wish to track their live results and who play only one or two tables at a time when online.  Players may also import statistics from their Poker Charts account by first creating a .csv file:

Players can customize session templates for faster data entry and the learning curve for this application is less than 15 minutes for live results input.  For those having trouble importing files from PokerTracker, please watch our video review, where the import process is explained in detail.


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PweT's Review of Poker Dominator

October, 23, 2012

Please Tell us if Pokerdominator is ending or just " under construction " cause its completely unaccessible since 20 October . I have plenty of data to save :( i love this site , its simple and effective , i need it !! :-/

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kamitis's Review of Poker Dominator

September, 30, 2012

Is poker dominator stop working??? O.o

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