What's in Your HUD with Lisa Nichols (DiamondDixi)

Date: 2013-09-14
Author: Jason Glatzer

Lisa "DiamondDixi" Nichols took some time off of the felts to let us pick her brain about poker software. Nichols primarily plays multi-table tournaments.

PokerSoftware: What poker software do you use while playing online poker and for post-game analysis?

Lisa Nichols: I am currently using PokerTracker 4. I have used, in the past, Tournament Indicator and PokerTracker 3. I also use SNG Wizard, PokerStove, the Nash Calculator on Holdem Resources, and the FPP FE Calculator for post-game analysis.

PokerSoftware: What are your thoughts about Tournament Indicator?

Lisa Nichols: I used Tournament Indicator mostly in the early stages of my learning back in 2009. I am not a big fan of the cluttersome way the software attaches to the tables and did not find the information the software provided to be extremely useful. This is the main reason why I mainly use PokerTracker 4 now.

PokerSoftware: When did you start using PokerTracker?

Lisa Nichols: I started using PokerTracker 3 in 2009. This was nine months into when I started playing poker online. I upgraded to PokerTracker 4 in 2011.

PokerSoftware: Can you tell us what you like better in PT 4 compared to PT3?

Lisa Nichols: PT4 has numerous improvements over PT3. The filtering is much improved, as is the replayer. The hand history retrieval is considerably better as well.

PokerSoftware: How is your HUD configured?

Lisa Nichols: I use a mini version of the HUD for MTTs and only show player name, hands, and number of big blinds. I have my tables really small for MTTs. More of a HUD creates way too much clutter, so I use the popup for more information. Any time I have a close decision to make, it is simple for me to refer to the pop-ups to get a more expanded view of my opponents' statistics.

For cash games, however, I use a full HUD since I tend to play fewer tables at once. The HUD includes statistics for VPIP, PFR, 3bet, Fold to 3 bet, Cbet, Fold to Cbet, and Aggression Factor.

PokerSoftware: Can you give us examples of when you refer to the pop-ups?

Lisa Nichols: Very often when I'm 3bet, if I haven't noticed how much a person 3bets, I tend to refer to the HUD pop-up. Also, if I think it's a good spot to 3bet light, I refer to the popup to see how active they are and how much they fold to 3bets. The same holds true to folding to Cbets. In general, I refer to the pop-ups if I have a decision where I need to know how aggressive they are and I haven't actually noticed in-game because I am playing too many tables simultaneously.

PokerSoftware: How do you utilize SNG Wizard?

Lisa Nichols: How I am and how I should be are two totally different things. I really should use it more, as it is a great tool. Unfortunately, I find it a little difficult to use. I like to load full games and look to see where I screwed up on push/fold spots. The software is really a great tool for improving short-stack and push/fold play. I think the one drawback is that it's hard to analyze multi-way situations and re-steal spots.

PokerSoftware: When do you use PokerStove, Nash Equity Ealculator, and FPP FE Calculator instead of SNG Wizard?

Lisa Nichols: Those three are mostly what I use because I find them quicker and user-friendly. I use PokerStove the most. This is a rare case of preferring free software to paid software. PokerStove is great in conjunction with the FE Calculator since you have to know how much equity you have if you get called to see how wide you can re-steal.

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