Dispelling the Myth About Mac Poker Software

Date: 2013-11-26
Author: Jason Glatzer

It used to be that the best poker software was only available to players using Windows-based computers.  Mac poker players typically felt on the outside looking in.  As online poker developed into what it is today, more and more software became available to Mac players.  In addition, many poker software providers realizing a potential niche and developed software only dedicated to the Mac OS-X operating system.  While this article does not cover every piece of software available on the Mac, it should open your eyes to the wide array of programs available in the marketplace.

PokerTracker was one of the first major software providers to understand it was important to have a stable and useful product for the Mac.  The software has been compatible with the Mac since PokerTracker 2 and is the preferred HUD and statistical database for many Mac poker players.  Other than some minor features such as fast-fold poker support, the software functions identically for Windows and Mac users.  This is one of the most dynamic HUDs and tracking programs available for Mac users.

iHoldem Indicator was developed in early 2013 by the same company that offers Holdem Indicator and Tournament Indicator.  This software is an in-game poker odds calculator and HUD packaged into one.  Since the software was developed after its Windows-based counterparts, it utilizes the best aspects of Holdem Indicator and Tournament Indicator, making it possible for Mac players to actually have a better all-in-one poker product than any of the other Indicator products available.

A Mac poker player who wanted to have an inexpensive HUD developed Poker Copilot.  Although Windows poker players have tons of options when it comes to choosing a HUD and tracking database, Poker Copilot is not one they can use.  This software is a great choice for Mac poker players who want all of the important statistics available in an easy-to-use software.

If you are looking for educational software, most training sites will allow you to view web-based videos on a Mac.  To take things even further, Advanced Poker Training provides a full training course that is compatible with both OS-X and Windows operating systems.  The advanced artificial intelligence behind the software adjusts to each individual subscriber's playing style, providing poker players of all abilities an excellent learning experience.

For those running home games, there is no better software for the Mac than The Poker Timer.  The software will help manage any home game with ease and can even be used for bigger events.  The same functionality and flexibility that is available for Windows users is also available on the Mac.  I ran my last home game using the software without any hiccups and it allowed me to enjoy getting in on the action worry-free.

DD Poker provides simulation software and a Poker Timer for home games for Mac and Windows players.  While the simulation software is not as powerful as Advanced Poker Training and the Poker Timer is not as dynamic as The Poker Timer, the software is free and easy to use.

ICMIZER offers the same ICM calculations tools, Nash equilibrium assignment ranges, and many other analytical tools regardless of your operating system.  Its ICM tools function for up to 60 players.  Even the most advanced players can find ways to improve their game with ICMIZER.

I expect the software available for the Mac only to continue to improve, as many poker players love the OS-X operating system for use outside of the virtual poker felts.   There are already tons of great options available for Mac players, dispelling the common belief that only the best poker software is available for Windows.

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