PokerCoach Launches Version 2

Date: 2013-11-05
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are a No Limit Hold'em cash game player looking for a tool to plug your leaks and take your game to the next level, look no further than PokerSnowie’s PokerCoach 2.  PokerCoach has recently joined PokerSoftware as a Recommended Program and we are excited to have them aboard!

PokerCoach 2 is designed to make your review time as efficient as possible, allowing you to focus on the hands you made the worst EV mistakes on and gives you advice on how to plug those leaks.

The software is very easy to install and is compatible with most online poker rooms.  The software will not function or load while PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker are open on your computer, but this is a minor inconvenience considering that PokerCoach 2 is purely a post-game analytical tool and not designed for any in-game decision-making assistance.

After logging into PokerCoach 2 for the first time, a handy four-step quick start guide will be shown.  The software is extremely user-friendly and designed for instant use with no long manuals to read.  The graphical interface is clear and you can get a good idea from the tutorial how user-friendly this software is.

Once you have gone through the tutorial, you'll see that importing your hands is very easy.  All that's required is pointing PokerCoach to the directory that your hand history files are saved in.  Reviewing live hands is also possible via a hand simulation function.

After hand history files are loaded into PokerCoach, the poker training software can analyze them to see where there might be minor errors or huge blunders.  Although it is possible review all of your hands, I would recommend seeing where PokerCoach feels there are problems so leaks can be quickly plugged.

Since study time is limited for most players, it is helpful that the software quickly points out the hands that need to be reviewed the most.  It is much easier to improve by correcting your biggest leaks first before fine-tuning other areas of your game.  There is also an easy-to-use filter function if you are only interested in analyzing hands from certain time periods, on certain sites, or at certain stakes.

PokerCoach provides three tabs for each hand.  The Evaluation tab presents an overall rating on how you played your hand and informs you whether this hand was played correctly.  The software also presents a few different bet-sizing scenarios to show the EV if the hand was played differently.

The Hand Strength tab shows how strong or weak your hand is.  This is an especially useful tab for beginning players, but even the most experienced players should find some useful information here as well.

The Analysis tab will take a deep look at the hand and how it holds up against a variety of ranges.  This will help you learn how to play your hand and when the right times to fold, call, or raise are.

Besides specific hand analysis, PokerCoach provides tons of details on your overall play.  This includes an overall rating and other statistics such as how often you open the pot and how these compare to the software's recommended values.

I fully recommend PokerCoach 2 to any cash game player.  Everyone has leaks, but not everyone takes time to plug them.  PokerCoach 2 will help you reduce your study time while quickly improving your game.  Try PokerCoach 2 via its 10-day free trial today.  Once you see how the software can improve your game, the full license cost of €119 will be a bargain considering how quickly you should be able to plug all of your leaks.

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