Table Ninja II Now Supports iPoker Network

Date: 2013-11-28
Author: Jason Glatzer

In November, Table Ninja II, an industry leader in multi-tabling hotkey software, has added tons of features, making the latest release the biggest update of Table Ninja II ever.

Until recently, TableNinja II only supported PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and PartyPoker.  While these are sites most serious poker players play on, there was an increasing demand for support for iPoker.  The biggest update of the new TN2 release addresses this.  While TableNinja II is still developing full support of this popular poker network, many of the most useful features have already been rolled out, including table recognition and hotkey functionality.  The hotkeys are extremely helpful in facilitating multi-tabling for online poker players since they automate actions with just one key.

Table Ninja II's iPoker functionality currently includes the standard betting hotkeys you would expect for folding, betting, checking, calling, and raising.  There are also useful hotkeys to make selecting betting amounts quicker, including for pot-sized bets and pot betting.  The hotkey for sending the number pad to the bet box and the increment and decrement hotkeys have also been thoroughly tested and work properly.  If you play on iPoker, you will be happy to know this is just the start; much more functionality is expected soon.

The software update also included many useful non-site-specific enhancements.  One of the most major ones is an innovative feature to have your tables on sites outside of PokerStars start behaving like PokerStars when they pop up.  This should vastly assist players multi-tabling on multiple sites.

A new hotkey aptly named Reapply Layout was added.  When utilizing this new hotkey, TN II only ignores tables set aside until they are moved back into the layout, adding more flexibility to be able to pay attention to the tables that you are most interested in.

For those multi-tasking outside of poker, there is a new feature that provides a HUD message saying "Action at Table: Use Cycle to First in Line to Get There" when having another application open in full screen mode.  Those who want their poker tables to take precedence over anything else they are doing on their computer at the same time can leave this new option unselected.

When trying to squeeze in as many tables as possible simultaneously, one of the most important things is to not time out of hands.  A new feature addresses this by allowing subscribers to mouse over any table and the table most urgently requiring action immediately becomes the target table.

Anyone utilizing the powerful SNG Sensei will be thrilled to know this update is now able to recognize custom values. TableNinja II plans many more updates in the coming months.  PokerSoftware has been informed that 888 Poker will be the next site to be supported.

Trying out TableNinja II is free for 30 days.  After the trial period has expired, the software is available via monthly and annual subscriptions, which is great for customers seeking a flexible payment plan and also allows Table Ninja to reinvest subscribed funds into future development of the software.  Prices vary based on what you need and range from $4.99 a month for the Lite version to $150 per year for the Pro version.

Anyone who wants to optimize the number of tables they can simultaneously play will benefit from TableNinja II.  We recommend trying out TableNinja II and start making your time on the virtual felts more efficient today.

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czechpete's Comment

2013-12-09 12:45:54

I don't understand why TN2 support another site because TN2 not working properly on any site they support:(

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