Table Scanner 2 Introduced

Date: 2013-11-15
Author: Jason Glatzer

Have you ever wondered how you got stuck at an online cash game table with all highly profitable poker sharks?  This commonly occurs to many online players due to using a poker site's quick seating or not spending the time to go through each name sitting at the table to see how well they have played.

If you've been stuck in this situation and are already using Holdem Manager 2, you should definitely check out the new and improved Table Scanner 2.

Table Scanner 2 takes all of the best features of the original software and adds many new ones to make finding the right table with the fishiest players based off their scanners and the information in your Holdem Manager 2 database.

Some of the biggest highlights of Table Scanner's latest software include Table Graphs, Auto-Rate, Fish Lists, Short Stack Alert, and Insta-Scan.

The Table Graphs is a powerful tool that will display how the tables you are currently playing on compare to other available tables.  Not only is table selection itself important when you first sit down, but it is also important to optimize and play at the best tables available.

Table Scanner 2 has the ability to use the HM2's dynamic auto-rate feature to steer you toward the most profitable tables.

The Fish Lists feature allows you to manually add any opponent of your choosing regardless of whether your playing history against them is in your HM2 database.

Many players hate short-stackers because of their hit and run tendencies and the inability to win a full buy-in on any particular hand.  With Table Scanner 2, you never have to worry about being stuck with too many short-stackers again when you first sit at a table.  The software's Short-Stacker Alert will automatically tell you about any tables that are filled with short stacks in case you want to avoid them.

Table Scanner 2 offers an optional subscription-based Insta-Scan feature.  Many table selection programs take some time to scan through each table on each site you have open.  With Insta-Scan, you no longer have to wait and immediately have access to the fishiest tables.

This feature takes advantage of Holdem Manager's servers doing all of the hard work in scanning tables and player names from sites.  Table Scanner claims the Insta-Scan is 7,250% faster than the client-side scanner!  Since you never want to miss out on the fishiest of tables, it is important to have scan data as quickly as possible from table selection software.

As Mike McDermott from the movie "Rounders" said, "If you can't spot the sucker in the first half-hour at the table, then you are the sucker."  Now, there is no reason to wait that half-hour to find out if you sat at the wrong table, as Table Scanner 2 should help you find the tables that will bring you the highest profit rate.  Try Table Scanner 2 today.

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