Which NoteCaddy Edge Pack is Right for You?

Date: 2013-11-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you are already using Holdem Manager 2 and want to get an extra edge on your opponents, you should definitely check out NoteCaddy Edge.  The software converts your HM2 data into tons of extremely useful information about your opponents' tendencies.

You'll find five different software packs, each loaded with useful badges, definitions, spark graphs, and custom HUDs.  The badges and definitions provide a detailed analysis of your opponents and the spark graphs come in handy when mass multi-tabling.  Let me help you find which of the five packs is right for you.

1. NoteCaddy Edge Holdem Essentials comes with 55 badges (108 including opposite badges), 240 definitions, spark graphs, three professional-style HUDs, HUD pop-ups, and auto-rate rules.  This pack is designed for six-max and full ring No Limit Hold'em cash game players who want the most essential information on their opponents' tendencies.  This pack is great for any Hold'em cash game player who is new to NoteCaddy or prefers to focus on the most important facets of their opponents' playing styles.

2. NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate is designed for the No Limit Hold'em cash game player who needs to have it all.  This pack includes 69 badges (136 including opposite badges), 785 definitions, one custom definition, spark graphs, three professional-style HUDs, HUD pop-ups, and auto-rate rules.  This pack is great for players who want to know every exploitable tendency about their opponents and have the time to dissect this information.

3. NoteCaddy Edge PLO comes with 39 badges (77 including opposite badges), 273 definitions, one custom definition, three professional-style HUDs, HUD pop-ups, and auto-rate rules.  This is the ultimate pack for PLO players who want to understand their opponents better than they may understand themselves.

4. NoteCaddy Edge SNG provides all of the useful information any six-max or full ring sit and go player would want to know about their opponents.  This pack includes 25 badges, 141 definitions, one custom definition, one professional-style HUD, HUD pop-ups, and auto-rate rules.

5. NoteCaddy Edge MTT can help any tournament player dissect his opponents.  A typical HUD mixes stats from different blind levels and stack sizes.  Players might play differently with 10 big blinds compared to 40 big blinds.  This pack which comes with 37 badges (73 including opposite badges), 153 definitions, one custom definition, three professional-style HUDs, HUD pop-ups, and auto-rate rules that will help you make the right decision against your opponents regardless of the tournament situation you are in.

NoteCaddy Edge packs are all reasonably priced at $99, with the exception of the Ultimate pack, which costs $199.  The software is a bargain considering how much equity you can gain.  Here are a couple of testimonials from poker players who agree that NoteCaddy Edge can take any serious player's game to the next level.

"I bought this 3 weeks ago and it's excellent. Also good service with the updates for new badges.  The package comes with good documentation, which is really important because although NoteCaddy is very powerful, composing and testing new definitions is very time-consuming and often produce results you don't quite expect."
-2+2 Member tagWAG

"This is definitely a product that I would recommend to any serious player or pretty much any player who even uses a HUD. It's amazing how much more information this package gives you while playing and it doesn't take that long to get the hang of it."
-2+2 Member 300zxrider

I recommend downloading NoteCaddy Edge before your next poker session.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the additional wealth of information this software provides, there is a 15-day full money-back guarantee on any purchase.  Try NoteCaddy Edge today!

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