Holdem Manager 2 Adds Header and Footer Menus in Hand Viewer

Date: 2014-05-15
Author: Dan Cypra

The newest update to Holdem Manager 2 was issued in recent days. Numbered, the update primarily focuses on the software's Hand Viewer. As its release notes state Holdem Manager 2's developers "added new header and footer menus to the Hand Viewer, cleaned up the function buttons, and added an 'Open in Replayer' option."

The "Open in Replayer" button is especially helpful since you can quickly view any hand you want. So, whether you had trouble with a particular hand or are just more of a visual person, you won't have to expend much effort opening a hand in Holdem Manager 2's replayer.

Several fixes were implemented to help your Hand Viewer experience run smoothly, including an issue with the clipboard order for PartyPoker hands and the "'Export Hand to Forum' option now exports with correct order positioning on some isolated hands where it was previously incorrect."

Outside of the Hand Viewer, the Holdem Manager 2 HUD received updates, as an issue when calculating pot odds was fixed. Holdem Manager 2's stats also received attention, as color style inconsistencies with net won chips stats were fixed.

Several importing issues were addressed in Version, including incorrect tournament information showing up for iPoker skins as well as an issue with data displayed in the number of big blinds appearing incorrectly. PartyPoker buy-in issues were fixed and Pacific Poker hand detection was improved. Finally, regular poker hands that were being detected as Speed hands are no longer having that problem.

There has been plenty of interest in Holdem Manager 2 as of late since support for Holdem Manager 1 ended on April 30. Holdem Manager 2 was released two-and-a-half years ago and in order to ensure a smooth experience, players are advised to switch over to Holdem Manager 2. As you can see from this article, plenty of issues can crop up and, without support for Holdem Manager 1, you won't be covered if you use that version and have a problem.

One of our favorite features of Holdem Manager 2 is its tricked-out HUD. As our review here on PokerSoftware explains, "There are hundreds of stats you can put into your HUD and you can even configure multiple ones to come up for certain situations. For example, you can have a HUD for full ring play on PokerStars and a completely different setup for six-max tournaments on Everest Poker." What's not to like?

Holdem Manager 2 has several purchase options available. The software runs $99.99 for the Professional version, $159.99 for the Pro Combo Holdem and Omaha version, and $59.99 for the Small-Stakes version. Visit Holdem Manager's website today.

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