Holdem Wizard 2: Odds Calculator, Card Predictor, and More

Date: 2014-05-05
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you don't know by now, Holdem Wizard 2 can help you take your poker game to the next level with its in-game poker odds and outs calculator and online pre-flop calculator.  The software is not only a great crutch while you are playing, but is also fun to use.

Downloading the software is very easy and setting it up is aided with a detailed instruction guide.  The software is compatible with PokerStars, 888 Poker, Paradise Poker, bwin, and Microgaming.  A small amount of configuration is required for Holdem Wizard 2 to work with each site or network.

The in-game poker odds and outs calculator is just how it sounds and you are given a street-by-street look at how many outs you have and what your odds are.  You also receive information about the software's prediction on your opponent improving his hand.

In addition in providing some mathematics about your hand, the program has a strength indicator advising you to call, fold, or raise.  It is worth the cost just for the odds and outs calculator.

The unique part of the software comes with its predictor.  Holdem Wizard 2 attempts to predict which cards will appear on the board based on identical circumstances that have occurred in the past.  For example, if you are holding Qs-4s in a nine-handed game, the software will go through previous hands to locate others and let you know the cards most likely to hit the board.

The software comes with a database of hands with pre-flop card combinations for a certain number of players and what appeared on the board.  Also, each time you play a hand, you add to the database, thus changing the behavior of the predictor in the future.

The team at Holdem Wizard is working hard to bring new software to the poker community, including Holdem Wizard 3, Omaha Wizard, Stud Wizard, and Razz Wizard.  I wouldn't wait for one of these new programs to be released since if you buy Holdem Wizard 2, you will automatically be eligible to receive all of these new versions for free.

The software is reasonably priced at €29 for use on one site or €59 for use on all of sites the software is compatible with.  This is just a small price to pay whether you are looking to be entertained and improve your game.  Download Holdem Wizard 2 today.

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