Leak Buster Now Available in HM App Store

Date: 2014-05-25
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you using Holdem Manager 2 and looking for a great way to take your No Limit Hold'em ring game skills to the next level?  Look no further than the new and improved Leak Buster 4.0.

Leak Buster 4.0 is the latest and greatest version of Leak Buster and promises to plug leaks like never before.  The software has just been made available in the HM App Store and will seamlessly work with your Holdem Manager 2 database.

You are entitled to receive the newest version of Leak Buster if you already own a previous No Limit version of the software.  The software also won't set you back much if you are thinking of purchasing it for the first time.

The new version of the software comes with a much-improved interface compared to previous versions.  The software is also easier and more intuitive to navigate thanks to the new one-click instant review of leaky hands.  Making it easier to get around and use the software will allow you to use more of your study time for checking out and plugging your leaks rather than meddling with the software itself.

Leak Buster 4.0 now also analyzes new stats including c-bet, OOP, bet-turn, and free-play aggression, just to name a few.  These new stats not only help with plugging direct leaks, but also indirect ones since the software now provides secondary deep-level analysis.

Another great new feature is the coaching reports.  This is especially true if you already pay big bucks for coaching or are thinking of doing so.  Coaching costs are very expensive and so you want to focus on where you need the most help.  With this report, your coach will be able to do just that and focus on the areas costing you the most money to help you accelerate your learning curve like never before.

Free Leak Buster videos are now available as well.  These can be found within the Leak Buster software.  There are more than 35 instructional videos that should help your game.

A couple of the latest videos include poker mind coach Jared Tendler's "Controlling Tilt" and Mike "fooz" Gano's "Playing Small Pocket Pairs."

Tendler is well known for helping players improve their mental habits so they are always playing their best game.  He is also the author of "Mental Game of Poker I & II."  His 32-minute video covers how to understand tilt and how to make your opponents tilt.  Tendler reviews seven different types of tilt: running bad, injustice tilt, hate/losing tilt, entitlement tilt, mistake tilt, revenge tilt, and desperation tilt.  This video is a must-see for any poker player who wants to have control over their tilt and know how to recognize the tilt of his opponent.

Gano's video focuses a topic that I am sure hits home for many of you, as you definitely are not in the minority if you have trouble playing small pocket pairs.  His detailed video covers how to play these tricky but potentially very profitable hands from every position.  Gano also discusses opening raising range, calling ranges, and how to handle being 3-bet.

Both of these videos are possibly worth the price of the software alone, never mind the rest of the ever-expanding library.  Visit Leak Buster's website for more details.

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