MagicHoldem Has Been Downloaded Over 1.6 Million Times

Date: 2014-05-03
Author: Jason Glatzer

Many players around the world love MagicHoldem.  The program is a real-time online poker odds calculator, HUD, and personal poker coach all in one.  If you were wondering how popular MagicHoldem is, let us put this into perspective: the software has been downloaded over 1.6 million times and players using it play over five million hands each month.

The software is so popular among beginning and intermediate players that many iPoker skins now include it for free within their client.

It really should come as no surprise that the software is so popular.  The in-game poker odds calculator provides you real-time odds on each street about your hand.

If this were not enough, MagicHoldem gives you advice while you are playing from its personal poker coach.  The poker coach is powered by none other than famous poker professional Tony G.  If Tony G offered one-on-one personal coaching services, it would cost hundreds of dollars per hour, while with MagicHoldem, you can get his advice just by owning the software.

Five million hands per month is a ton of hands.  This must mean that the software goes beyond players just learning the math and basics of Texas Hold'em.  This is due to the HUD included in the software.  While the HUD is not as advanced as other poker tracking software on the market, it provides all of the basic stats you need to profile your opponents and exploit them.

While some will decide to use a more advanced HUD, many players find too many stats is an information overload, especially since you don't have a ton of time to make decisions when multi-tabling.  Besides, no matter how advanced your game becomes, it doesn't hurt to have Tony G in your corner for each and every poker move you make.

MagicHoldem is compatible with almost every major poker site in the world.  Even with 1.6 million downloads, many players do not know about this software, which will give you an additional edge if you are using it and they are not.

The software is reasonably priced on a subscription basis, and one month is $15.  If you feel convinced you will like the software for longer periods of time, discounts are available for longer subscriptions.  It costs $60 for six months (33% off), $90 for one year (50% off), or $120 for two years (66% off).  Check out MagicHoldem today!

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