Scott Clements Joins Beat the Pro Challenge at Advanced Poker Training

Date: 2014-05-29
Author: Jason Glatzer

Do you have trouble playing a short stack on the bubble?  If this describes you, you definitely want to check out the newest Advanced Poker Training Beat the Pro Challenge by Scott Clements that focuses on this situation in the hopes you will feel comfortable the next time you are low on chips and the bubble is right around the corner.
One of the most helpful aspects about the Beat the Pro Challenge is that you get to focus on just one aspect of your game and really tear it apart.  Each challenge is 20 hands in length and afterward you can compare yourself to the pro and see how you played each hand the same or differently.  You also have at your disposal a full audio commentary from the pro you tried to beat about why he or she played each hand the way they did along with detailed advice.
Clements is an excellent addition to Advanced Poker Training's already very talented team of instructors. There are currently a dozen challenges, with the first 11 pitting you against Lauren Kling, Tom "TitanTom" Braband, Mike Caro, and Steve Stokely.
Clements' challenge focuses on something every poker tournament player has come across and dreads in his "Short Stack – Near the Bubble – MTT" challenge.

Understanding push/fold strategy from all positions is an important aspect of any poker player's game.  It is difficult to know when to shove on the bubble.  On the one hand, you want to avoid being the Bubble Boy when any move you make can send you to the showers.  On the other hand, you are costing yourself equity if you're too tight.  This series will help you get more comfortable with these situations and allow you to feel more confident when you're low on chips on the bubble.
Clements did not become a two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner by being too timid or too aggressive on the bubble.  Fans of this video already want to see more from this poker superstar too.  Here are some of their comments on the Advanced Poker Training website.
"Scott, I loved your analysis of why you played the way you did.  I love the energy in your voice.  You are very easy to listen to and understand.  Thank you so much for this lesson and I look forward to taking more challenges with you!"
"Great commentary, thank you Scott!  What's next?"

There is great news for QueenSu, 2003Fatboy, and other fans, as Clements is already working on his newest Beat the Pro challenge called "Big Stack – Near the Bubble – MTT."  Fans shouldn’t have to wait long, as this challenge should be released on June 6.
If you want to see how you stack up against some of the best poker professionals in the world while also improving your game, Advanced Poker Training is the right training site for you.  Full access to Advanced Poker Training won't set your wallet back much, costing only $19.99 per month, $79.98 for six months, $119.64 for one year, or $299 for a lifetime license.  Check out the site.

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