PokerSnowie Re-Brands Coaching Software

Date: 2014-07-24
Author: Jason Glatzer

Many of you have already been enjoying PokerSnowie's training software called PokerCoach.  PokerSnowie has just announced that they will no longer refer to their software as PokerCoach and, instead, it will be simply known as just PokerSnowie.
The name change coincides with a logo change with a new "S" symbol in the name PokerSnowie.
It may have made sense for PokerSnowie to refer to its artificial intelligence coaching software as PokerCoach when it first came out since people would instinctively know this is software that can help them improve their poker game.  However, as time went on, PokerSnowie realized this was no longer necessary.
We asked PokerSnowie the reason for this change and they told us that the majority of their members and followers already refer to their software as PokerSnowie.  Therefore, changing the name would eliminate confusion about whether there is a difference between PokerSnowie and PokerCoach.
In addition to the name change, PokerSnowie also plans to release a new version, PokerSnowie 2.7, in the coming days.  This new update will be the first to feature the new name change upon release.
This new version is not just about a name change, however.  There are two enhancements that will be released.  The first is the introduction of a database management feature.  This feature is currently still in beta, but we were able to take a peak under the hood ourselves.  Here are four of the most major benefits this new feature will bring to PokerSnowie members:
1. The ability to organize hands into separate databases.  Software users can easily categorize hands based off poker room, stake, and other criteria.

2. Data will be able to be backed up and restored with a single click.

3. Data can be easily saved and subsequently imported to a fresh installation of PokerSnowie on a different computer.

4. Single-click ability to optimize the database.  This is expected to enhance performance, especially on larger data sets.

5. The other major enhancement expected in PokerSnowie 2.7 is a refinement in betting strength analysis.  Older versions of PokerSnowie ranked the hand strength of a bet or raise based on a simple scale of zero to two.  For any ranking below one, the bet or raise was considered to be a bluff, while any ranking bet over one, the bet or raise was considered to be for value.
PokerSnowie found through experience that this simple scale was not enough and so added a new category representing medium strength hands.  Hands like top pair and straight draws that were previously deemed to be bluffs will now be represented in this new category.
After PokerSnowie releases Version 2.7, its developers plan to add a couple of articles on the blog taking about these two new enhancements in detail as well as discussing the name change of their software.  Visit PokerSnowie for details.

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