PokerTableStats Makes Changes to Comply with PokerStars Terms of Service

Date: 2014-07-07
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you don't already know, PokerTableStats is a subscription-based program designed to help beginning to intermediate poker players quickly understand their odds, outs, and hand strength while playing at PokerStars.  The software has been on the PokerStars permitted software list for many years.
Recently, the teams at PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker revised their rules on permitted third-party programs related to those providing in-game, real-time poker advice.  While both sites will still permit the use of real-time statistics you would typically find in HUDs and poker odds calculators, they will no longer allow software that takes the next step and interprets this information for you to try to give you advice.
It is interesting to see the process PokerStars takes when changing its terms and conditions.  Instead of removing programs that do not fit the new rules as one might suspect, the site is actually being proactive and getting in touch with software providers to ask questions and see if it is possible for the software to comply with the new rules.
PokerTableStats underwent this process with PokerStars recently.  For the most part, all of the different facets of PokerTableStats were designed to help players get more information about their hands and were permitted under PokerStars' new rules.
The issue that PokerStars had was with the sliding progress-like meters such as the pot odds bar in PokerTableStats.  The team at PokerTableStats reacted quickly to comply and removed this progress bar.  While the progress bar did not act as a personal poker coach, it did interpret data based on the software's artificial intelligence, which is something PokerStars will not allow any permitted software to do in the future.
As you can imagine, complying with new rules can be challenging, but PokerTableStats did not have much to change and was up to the challenge.  Its support team is working on helping players who did not realize a new update was rolled out so they can update.
The PokerTableStats support team is always available for their subscribers.  If you are having any issues with the PokerTableStats software you are using, first try downloading an update.  If this does not work, contact their support team and they will quickly get you back up and running.

Visit PokerTableStats for more details.

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