PokerTracker's Steve McLoughlin to Appear on Poker Night in America

Date: 2014-07-09
Author: Jason Glatzer

"Poker Night in America" is a poker television show that debuted around the United States on June 29 on the CBS Sports Network.  Half of the show focuses on interesting poker personalities in a $25/$50 No Limit Hold'em cash game, with the other half of the show focusing on behind-the-scenes activities like golf.
With the reduction of poker-related TV shows, especially in the United States, we wanted to find out what makes this one different than others that have come and gone before.  Our interest was even more heightened when we found out that PokerTracker's Steve McLoughlin will be on the shows based in Reno, the second location this show was filmed at.
Nolan Dalla, "Poker Night in America's" Creative Director, informed PokerNews that this show is about much more than just poker and that unpredictability is a strong part of its appeal.
"You can never tell what will be in the next scene.  It could be serious, it could be funny, it could be wacky, it could be anything.  We want the audience to have the anticipation of having no idea of what is going to come next.  The unpredictability creates an edge-of-their-seat experience for the viewer."
McLoughlin agreed with Dalla's sentiments about it not being the same old poker television show: "There has never been a show like this before.  Now, you have heard that from other poker shows before, but in the end they are always pure poker.  There are personalities involved, but it is just the game.  This is a show that is so unique.  It's about the hands, it's about players, it's about poker, but it is more than that.  It is about who they are as individuals.  It is about how they interact with each other.  It is a reality show, but it is not a reality show."

He summarized, "Basically, you have to take everything you ever have known about a poker show and come to this with a completely blank slate and think about it uniquely for what the show is."
McLoughlin also believes his involvement with the show proves that poker transcends the lines drawn between online and live poker players.  He said, "My involvement in the show shows that those who use tools like PokerTracker to review their game after the session is done or use a HUD to improve their performance while they are playing, they can also be involved in live poker.  Just because you are an online player doesn't mean you can't be a live player.  Just because you are a live player doesn't mean you can't be an online player.  Poker is poker."

He added, "The funny thing is people say, 'Isn't it a different game because you don't have a HUD in front of you?'  Well, that is actually a misnomer.  You don't need a HUD in a live game.   The human brain acts as the HUD.  You remember who your opponents are.  You remember what they are doing."
We will have to wait a few weeks before we can see how McLoughlin fared and how much fun he had off the felts on "Poker Night in America."  If you are in the United States, you can check out "Poker Night in America" at 10:00pm ET or 7:00pm PT on CBS Sports Network.

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