Reminder: PokerTracker 3 Support Ends August 1

Date: 2014-07-14
Author: Jason Glatzer

Are you still using PokerTracker 3?  If you haven't upgraded to PokerTracker 4, you should strongly consider doing so this month since PokerTracker will no longer be supporting PokerTracker 3 as of August 1.
While you can still continue using PokerTracker 3 as long as you would like, if a poker site changes something or adds a new feature, the team at PokerTracker will only be working on making sure PokerTracker 4 supports it.

In fact, even though August 1 is the official day that PokerTracker will no longer be supporting the older version of their software, its developers haven't released fixes for hand history revisions and game changes for months for PokerTracker 3 so the team can focus on making sure that PokerTracker 4 delivers the best user experience possible.
PokerTracker has good news for you if you do need to upgrade.  First, if you purchased PokerTracker 3 after June 10, 2011, you are eligible for a free upgrade to the equivalent version of PokerTracker 4.  In other words, if you have PokerTracker 3 Hold'em Small Stakes, you will be able to receive PokerTracker 4 Hold'em Small Stakes for free.  The same is true if you own the Full version, or any other version, of PokerTracker 3.
If this describes you, to receive PokerTracker 4 for free, place your order and you should see a price of $0 when you check out.
PokerTracker still has good news for you even if you purchased your PokerTracker 3 software prior to June 10, 2011.  Although you won't be eligible to receive the equivalent version of PokerTracker 4 for free, you will get a hefty 40% discount.  This means if you purchased the Full version of PokerTracker 3 prior to June 10, 2011, instead of paying $159.99 for PokerTracker 4 Holdem and Omaha, you will instead pay $95.99.

Please note if you didn't purchase PokerTracker 3 directly through PokerTracker and it was instead through a third-party marketing partner, you may not be eligible for this discount unless you also purchased the "Site Unlock" upgrade.
PokerTracker accepts a few different payment options.  You can pay through a major credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover; pay through PayPal; or pay via Neteller.  If none of these options works for you, you can ask a friend to purchase it on your behalf and PokerTracker can transfer the license code to your name.  You can also get PokerTracker 4 free through PokerSoftware.
If you are unsure whether to upgrade or have never used a previous version of PokerTracker, you can test it out for free with a 30-day free trial.  If you like what you see, you can go ahead and purchase it any time during your trial or after your trial runs out.  Hurry up and upgrade to PokerTracker 4 today and do not be left out when support for PokerTracker 3 stops on August 1.

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