Advanced Poker Training Launches Full MTT Simulator

Date: 2014-08-17
Author: Dan Cypra

There's big news from Advanced Poker Training, which launched a full multi-table tournament simulator in recent days. The software allows users to create a vast array of tournament scenarios, as its developers told PokerSoftware, "It really is incredible and we're already getting all kinds of props from our members - they love it. It's the most flexible training software out there and users can pretty much set it up to mimic any tournament they want, from a small two-table live casino to 8,000 players with a blind structure identical to the Main Event."

You'll be able to replay every hand in case there are any sticky situations that come up and you can receive advice from Advanced Poker Training's computerized advisors.

Steve Blay, Director of Operations for Advanced Poker Training, commented in a press release, "This game is the result of hard work from our team on five different continents. For nearly two years, we have worked on perfecting a training simulator for a full MTT for our members and I couldn't be more thrilled with the product. This game will revolutionize MTT poker training, giving our members flexibility that has never been seen in the world of simulated tournaments."

When you fire up the MTT simulator, you'll select the type of game, opponent skill level, player mix, number of players, minutes per level, starting stack, buy-in, and entry fee. All of these metrics are customizable, allowing you to fine-tune your tournament game before heading to the casino or going online to try your hand at real money.

A new trophies page displays the number of first place finishes, second place finishes, top 1% finishes, and in the money finishes you've amassed. Therefore, you can track your progress over time and hopefully see your game improve.

Advanced Poker Training now offers instruction in MTTs, full ring cash games, six-max cash games, sit and gos, and final tables. The site also has a popular Beat the Pro Challenge series featuring commentary from the likes of Mike Caro, Tom "titantom32" Braband, and Scott "BigRiskky" Clements. In the series, you'll play hands and then see how pros would play the same set of hands, complete with audio commentary.

If you want to give Advanced Poker Training a whirl, the software runs $19.97 for one month, $79.98 for six months, $119.64 for one year, or $299 for a lifetime license. The site has 10,000 members from almost 30 countries, so you won't be alone either. Check out Advanced Poker Training's website today for more details.

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