NoteCaddy Edge Updates Ultimate Pack with Improved Auto-Rate Rules

Date: 2014-08-11
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you haven't heard, NoteCaddy Edge, premium add-on to Holdem Manager 2 and NoteCaddy Premium, has just upgraded another one of its popular software packs with the release of NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate 7.30.14.
NoteCaddy Edge provides players detailed information on opponents in the form of badges, definitions, popups, and spark graphs based of the data compiled from each individual's Holdem Manager 2 database.
The Ultimate Pack is the most extensive pack, providing more details on opponents' tendencies than any other pack.  This pack is designed for No Limit Hold'em cash games.  There is another pack for these games called the Essential pack and also packs for sit and gos, tournaments, and Omaha.
NoteCaddy Edge Ultimate 7.30.14 has new and improved auto-rate rules, which should help you identify the fish and sharks better than ever before.  Additionally, there are several new badges in this software update:

IP.EasyTo3Bet – When you see this badge, you should consider 3-betting with a looser range while your opponent is in position.

OOP.EasyTo3Bet – When you see this badge, you should open your pre-flop 3-bet range when your opponent is out of position.

HM.3BP.FvThirdBarrell-75+ - When you see this badge, you should consider 3-barrelling, leaving yourself a 75% pot c-bet size left for the river bet.  There is also an opposite badge present where you shouldn't bluff as often on the river.

HM.SRP.CallFlopCB=Bottom50 – When you see this badge, you should consider double-barreling since your opponent calls flop bets with trash often.  If you see the opposite badge, you should respect his range for calling your flop c-bet.

HM.SRP.FvPotFlopCB – This badge is for players who fold more often than they should facing a near pot sized c-bet on the flop.  The opposite badge shows that a player calls more often than they should in the same scenario.

HM.SRP.FvPotTurnCB – This badge and the opposite badge are similar to the flop-related badge above except relating to action on the turn.

HM.SRP.FvPotRiverCB – This badge and opposite badge display opponents' tendencies facing a near pot-sized bet on the river.

SRP-CallFlop-FoldTurnOOP – This badge appears on players who tend to call flop c-bets and shut down on the turn.  The opposite badge is for players who typically are strong when calling a c-bet on the flop and are not likely to fold facing another bet on the turn.
While the new badges are definitely useful, note definitions also were addressed in this update.  In fact, all note definitions were rebuilt for this pack and now only utilize new action sequences.
There are new HUD color ranges as well as updated modified priorities for color definitions, making the moving of badges easier than ever before.  This is in addition to color definitions being updated with new parameters.
You should notice in this latest version of NoteCaddy Ultimate that there are new note definitions and some of the existing ones were removed.  This same holds true for the EDGE-Xfold popup, which was replaced with the new EDGE-MissedCBets popup.
Speaking of popups, if you like scatter graphs within them, this update should also make you happy. There are now several badges that did not have scatter graphs available in popups now displaying them.
As expected, NoteCaddy Edge updated all of its documentation.  So, if there is anything you have questions about, you can quickly look it up.  Their support team is also readily available if you have any questions about this update.  Visit NoteCaddy Edge's website for more details.

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