NoteCaddy Premium Discount Ends September 1

Date: 2014-08-29
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you use Holdem Manager and love NoteCaddy, you will probably fall head over heels for NoteCaddy Premium.  The Premium version of the software just got better since NoteCaddy Premium Version 2.5 has just been released.  To help celebrate the new version being released out of Beta, NoteCaddy Premium is being offered to all new customers at a $15 discount when using the unique promo code NC15OFF when making a purchase before September 1.
The NoteCaddy Premium software is normally priced at $74.77 for Hold'em or Omaha.  However, with the $15 discount, it comes down to $59.77, representing a generous 20% discount.
Not only is NoteCaddy Premium cheaper than ever before, it is also more powerful as well.  Perhaps the best new addition in NoteCaddy Premium 2.5 is the Caddy Clock.  The Caddy Clock helps out with timing tells, something as far as we know no other software has been able to do in the past.

The Caddy Clock provides a graph showing how long a player took to act on different streets versus how strong their hand was.  These might be tells someone might not even realize they have.  If someone is calling the bank, you can use data to help you determine if they have the nuts or are trying to figure out how to get tricky with a weaker hand.  The Caddy Clock currently only works on iPoker and PokerStars.
NoteCaddy Premium also has a new hand chart showing you exactly what your opponents were holding when a note was created.  This visualization should help you mentally process data faster, which is important, especially if mass multi-tabling.
Version 2.5 also introduced an updated Caddy Scatter.  Now, Caddy Scatter can be applied to individual notes.
Another major update in NoteCaddy Premium 2.5 is the updated hand history replayerNoteCaddy has always facilitated the replay of hands, but Version 2.5 is the first version of NoteCaddy that provides an easy-to-read format without needing to use the Holdem Manager 2 hand history replayer.
NoteCaddy Version 2.5 was nine months in the making.  After many tests, it is finally ready for you to enjoy.  According to Alan Jackson, you would be lighting money on fire by not using NoteCaddy Premium: "If you are not using NoteCaddy, you are leaving money at the tables."
The $15 discount is not going to last forever, so if you don’t already own NoteCaddy Premium, you should consider buying it before the month of August is over and normal pricing resumes.

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