NoteCaddy Version 2.5 Enters Stable Beta

Date: 2014-08-01
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you have been enjoying the automatic note taking that NoteCaddy has been providing, you are not alone.  NoteCaddy has just made the experience much better with a new stable Beta Version 2.5.
NoteCaddy 2.5 was previously available to Beta users, but just entered a stable version.  This means you should feel comfortable using this new Beta version, as it is the last step before it is officially released to the public.

NoteCaddy officials told PokerSoftware, "NoteCaddy 2.5 was running an alpha test as far back as January. Every piece of the software was scrutinized and most received at least a partial re-write. Everything from the database structure to the way notes are generated was changed dramatically to remove even the smallest of redundancies. This very long process was made necessary by the fact that in today's online environment, databases keep getting bigger and HUDs keep getting more complicated."

The same officials continued, "On July 30, the decision was made that it was ready for prime time. Many of the new features are easy to describe in that they are highly visual. What is truly significant though is how much changed behind the scenes to make it all work well across configurations."

The first improvement you should notice is that NoteCaddy now takes up far less space and does not require as much vacuuming and analyzing.  What this means to you is that the database will process notes much faster than before.
My favorite new feature is the Caddy Clock, which gives you the ability to see timing tells.  This feature opens up a whole new range of thought process that previously you could only capture if you took notes manually, which is sometimes difficult to do while multi-tabling.
For example, if you wonder if when your opponent time banks a hand when he is weak or strong, Caddy Clock can tell you how your opponent has behaved before on all streets to help you with some tough decisions.  Since most opponents do not focus on the amount of time they are taking for an online decision as a tell, they shouldn't be even aware they are giving away information that you can now gather on your opponent with NoteCaddy.
Additionally, NoteCaddy now has a new hand heat map that basically shows in a 13x13 grid every two-card hand possible in No Limit Hold'em with it heated up for the combinations of cards your opponent has that generated a note.  This information is in addition to the graph presenting whether your opponent is typically weak or strong in the scenario involving that note.
Another feature NoteCaddy users should love is the updated Caddy Scatter.  You can now apply Caddy Scatter to individual notes, giving you access to data that was previously unavailable.
NoteCaddy also took time to improve the hand replayer.  You were always able to replay hands, but now the format is clearer and easier-to-read, allowing you to gather what you were looking for and taking less of your attention away from playing poker.  Clicking on the "Play" button by any note opens the hand replayer.
If you are a Holdem Manager 2 user and haven't checked out NoteCaddy yet, now is your chance.  Visit NoteCaddy's website today and stay a step ahead of your opponents.

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