Poker Software Revealed with ChipMeUp's Harp221122

Date: 2014-08-15
Author: Jason Glatzer

We sat down with ChipMeUp admin Harp221122 to get his thoughts about poker software.   After having his kid, Harp221122 now is a recreational player and focuses on his duties at ChipMeUp as well as his staking group.
PokerSoftware:  What poker software do you use?
Harp221122:  Right now while playing I don't use anything.  I have actually been trying to get my PokerTracker 4 working again, as I would like to utilize it for my sit and gos.  When not playing, I use Tournament Parser as a horse to record my results.  I also want all of my horses to use it if possible to record their rails.  I also use Sharkscope multiple times a day for research and have used ICMizer to review some hands, shoving ranges, etc.
PokerSoftware:  Do you find you are missing out by not using a HUD?
Harp221122:  In sit and gos, I definitely do.  I used to play consistently; therefore, I would see a lot of the same players and so built up hand histories.  For the last couple of months, my play has been limited to a couple of times a week, so I never bothered with getting it updated.  Now that I have put in a couple of sessions of late, I certainly feel as though I have seen the same players and the HUD would obviously aid me in decision-making against them.
PokerSoftware:  Tell us about Tournament Parser.  How do you use it and is it good value for the money?
Harp221122:  As a player, it is an amazingly easy rail creation tool that takes out the time and most of the human error out of making a rail.  I don't think anyone wants to take the time to make a full rail for their stake after playing all day.  It allows you, with a couple of simple clicks and filters, to gather all your results, sometimes across multiple sites.
As an investor, it is an invaluable tool in having clean, concise rails. For my guys who use it, barring a few column differences, I can check three to four rails really quickly because they are all in the same format and I don't have to search for what is going on.
In terms of value, I definitely recommend it for any player who is backed and plays a lot and required to do daily rails, etc.  Just the automated tallying of rebuys and knockouts makes it worth the price.
PokerSoftware:  How are you using Sharkscope?  Are you a paid subscriber?
Harp221122:  I am a subscriber.  I utilize it more on the investing side to do in-depth research on horses I am looking to back.  You can basically filter down to any game.  I also use it to verify results for our current horses and to look up players when our horses are deep for some background on who is at their table.
PokerSoftware:  In what circumstances do you find ICMizer helpful?
Harp221122:  I use ICMizer to look at hands around bubble play, shoving ranges, etc. for sit and gos.  As someone who doesn't play as frequently and isn't able to study as frequently, it helps me to continually work on those ranges and solidify my thinking.
PokerSoftware:  Tell us about ChipMeUp.  What makes it different from other staking sites and staking forums out there?
Harp221122:  ChipMeUp is a fully automated staking site, from event creation to payout, with a simple layout.  One difference from other sites are that the layout allows the user to see exactly what percentage they are getting in a horse.  There is a big pie chart for each event with what the "share price" is and what percentage that represents.  When you buy your share, you see your slice of the pie you have.
An additional feature that no other site that I know of has is ChipMeUp $.  Simply upload from your PokerStars or Skrill account and you can buy shares in people without having to make individual transfers.  The small fee that accompanies these transactions means ChipMeUp guarantees your share price if the horse scams or rolls the stake, so if you pay with CMU$, you will get your investment back.
PokerSoftware:  We heard you were planning something new with your staking fund?
Harp221122:  Yeah, for sure.  We are rebranding from the suspect76-pf PTP name to Shipping Aces (  The site should be launched sometime this month along with Twitter, Facebook, etc.  It won't be replacing PTP and CMU as where we run our stakes, but more as a recruiting tool along with areas for our horses who play under us.
It will also include content from our coaches and a small-stakes investment blog that I will write in conjunction with a small-stakes investment coaching program that I have put together.  The investment coaching aspect includes things like utilizing Sharkscope for research, building bankroll safely, things to avoid, etc.

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