Winamax Releases Go Fast Poker

Date: 2014-08-05
Author: Jason Glatzer

The French regulated online poker site Winamax has just released Go Fast, its version of fast-fold poker.  Go Fast is very easy to find in the client, with a special tab existing for these new games.
Upon launching the Go Fast lobby, a video appears that helps you get in the racing mood.  This is fun to watch once or twice and most likely does help get recreational players in the mood to play fast-paced No Limit Hold'em.  You can skip the video with the click of a button and for those who do not want to see it ever again, there is also a setting to make sure it never starts.
In addition to videos in the lobby, there is animation on the tables triggered when certain things happen.  If this does not suit your tastes, it is also easy to disable this feature.
The lobby itself basically looks like the dashboard of a car, complete with a speedometer, tachometer, and radio, each with different features to help you get started.  The speedometer determines how many big blinds you wish to buy in for, with the range set at 40 to 100.
The tachometer determines how many tables you wish to play at once.  The radio is just as it seems, as it provides you music if you wish while you are playing.  There are 12 preset stations to choose from, so there is something for just about anyone who likes to have a little music while playing poker.
The tables themselves are named after US states.  The Colorado table is NL €2, the lowest limit.  There are different limits currently available, with the highest stake being the NL €50 buy-in Nevada table.
Currently, all of the games are short-handed and only No Limit Hold'em is available.  Whether Omaha games will be introduced at a later date is unknown; however, the main competition in the French regulated online poker market,, only runs play money games in its version of fast-fold poker, Zoom Poker.
While I really like the look and feel of Winamax's fast-fold game, I am surprised that it is the last major site to introduce these games.
My surprise in that area is actually a compliment to Winamax, as the site has proven many times to be ahead of the competition.  Winamax was one of the first sites to use missions and achievements to attract casual players.  If not the first, it was one of the first to introduce lottery-style, three-max sit and gos called Expresso.   Winamax also has the only dedicated Windows Phone app.
While it is great to launch something new and innovative, sometimes it is better late to the party than never.  Sometimes by not being the first to launch a new feature, a site can incorporate what others have done right while avoiding what others have done wrong. 
Winamax already has much more traffic in fast-fold games than, with 700 players playing Go Fast at Winamax compared to 150 on Zoom Poker.
We will have to wait and see whether Winamax's domination in fast-fold poker in the French regulated gaming market is due to the launch of something new or a permanent trend.  Visit Winamax today and see for yourself.

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Winamax-Dave's Comment

2014-08-06 10:46:40

Hi Jason, Thanks for the article! Concerning: "I am also surprised that the site hasn't yet introduced these games to the mobile client, where they would be perfectly suited." Just so you know, Go Fast is available on our iOS applications and will be released on Android and Windows Phone as soon as possible. - Dave

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