Advanced Poker Training Adds New Reports, Full Training Plan

Date: 2014-12-30
Author: Jason Glatzer

Many poker players around the world have improved their skills with Advanced Poker Training.  Instead of watching videos like most poker training sites, Advanced Poker Training provides a hands-on learning experience to help you fine-tune your game and quickly become an advanced poker player.
The interactive training site allows you to play against a simulator in many different types of scenarios.  Advanced Poker Training customers love the Beat the Pro challenge series where you can test your skills and receive commentary from the site's world-class coaches including Mike Caro, Tom "TitanTom" Braband, Lauren Kling, and Jonathan Little.
Advanced Poker Training just got even better with new reports and a full training plan.  It already saves every hand you play on the training site, but now you can pinpoint your biggest areas of weakness and find areas you should focus on most to improve your win rate.
Advanced Poker Training told PokerSoftware that it took about one year of development to bring this new feature to the site and that it is one of the biggest breakthroughs ever introduced to the poker training industry.
The training site not only gives you your own personalized training plan identifying your biggest weaknesses and the reasons they are your weaknesses, but it also allows you to start training with the click of a button.  The site accomplishes this by analyzing over 100 individual points of data while also focusing on your most recent trends.
The training plans show you how big your leaks are, with commentary and a five-star system.  The more stars on a particular part of a training plan there are, the more you should work on improving that aspect of your game.  After you nail down your biggest weaknesses, you can move along and work on some of the other weaknesses with fewer stars.
The site provides an instructional video showing exactly how the new training plans work.  It ran through an example where a player was playing too many hands on the flop.  This training plan elaborated why this is a problem since this particular player was getting into too many difficult situations with inferior hands.  It also estimated that this leak was costing this player $5 per hour in a $2.50/$5 No Limit Hold'em game.  It is easy to see how that can add up to big bucks when playing for real money.
In this example, the software recommended practicing 200 hands with an advisor who plays a solid game pre-flop and pay close attention to hands the advisor recommended discarding.
One of the best features about the training plan is, like the rest of the site, it is interactive.  Once a week on Sunday mornings, the site will update your training plan based on your current biggest weaknesses.  So, if you plugged your biggest leaks, you can go ahead and work on different aspects of your game based on the expert recommendations of the software.
This doesn't mean you can't still work on issues identified in your previous training plans, as they are all saved and easy to access.
There is no better time to check out Advanced Poker Training than right now.  If you use our special POKERSOFTWARE offer code, you can get Advanced Poker Training for the low price of $79.97 for six months or $119.97 for one year, which is $40 off the regular price.  Why not improve your game and check out Advanced Poker Training today?

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