Do You Need HH Dealer?

Date: 2014-12-20
Author: Dan Cypra

The secret of many of the most successful online cash game players' success is knowing how to use their powerful poker tracking database's HUD to their advantage.  This not only allows these players to play more tables, but also do so more profitably.
The problem many players face is the lack of hands on opponents, with sometimes no history on their opponents available.  Whether you are playing on a new online poker site for the first time or on one of the bigger sites where players you have never played against before are in the mix, no matter how good your HUD is, it will not be helpful if you have no hand histories on your opponents.
This is where HH Dealer can help you.  HH Dealer sells hand histories on some of the biggest online poker sites in subscription or bulk form.  Importing these hands into your poker tracking database will allow you to have knowledge of your opponents since your HUD will now show their statistics and tendencies.
If you are just playing on a new site for the first time, we recommend that you look into one of the many bulk purchase plans for the games you typically play.  This way, you will instantly have a ton of history on many of your opponents while they have no history on you.
Once you have been playing on a site for a while, we recommend looking into purchasing a subscription plan from HH Dealer.  The subscription plan will allow you to receive new hand histories each and every day, giving you the most up to date information about your opponents.
We recommend HH Dealer over the competitors for two main reasons.  First, the hand history provider covers almost every major site, giving you access to the most complete data you could imagine.
Second, they are cheap!  When we say cheap, we mean that many subscription plans cost you less than $1 a day!  What's even better is that if you find hand histories at a cheaper price elsewhere, HH Dealer will not only match the price, but also give you a 20% discount.  This assures you will always be paying the cheapest price possible regardless of what their competitors are charging.
So why not give HH Dealer a try today?  For a very low cost, you could be two steps ahead of your opponents at all times and watch your bankroll soar.
Please check with your poker site's terms and conditions before using HH Dealer.

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