Get a Custom Build of Hold'em Manager 2

Date: 2014-12-18
Author: Jason Glatzer

If you operate a training site, poker forum, or any other online poker community, you should be interested to learn that you can partner with Hold'em Manager 2 via a personalized, co-branded, custom build of its popular and powerful poker tracking software.
Partnering with one of the leaders in the poker software industry could be an excellent way for any community to further integrate themselves with the players already visiting their site.  The primary benefit for any site to partner for a custom build of Hold'em Manager 2 is the ability to build on the relationship with your community via co-branding and content.
The co-branding on the custom build software exists on both the splash screen and hand history replayer, which are two of the most highly visible spots within the software.  Content a poker community partner wants its players to see will also be prominently displayed on the splash screen in its own dedicated news feed widget.

Holdem Manager 2's sister brand, PokerTracker, provides a similar service.
PokerStrategy is the biggest poker community to take advantage of further defining themselves by partnering with Hold'em Manager 2.  PokerStrategy players using the custom build will see PokerStrategy clearly displayed in a dedicated "PokerStrategy News" feed featured on the top of the HM2 dashboard on the splash screen when first logging in.  There could be no better way for this poker strategy outlet to target its players with the most popular news on its website.
In addition to the splash screen, PokerStrategy has its logo featured on the center of the table within the hand history replayer.

Hold'em Manager's Jim Varnon uses PokerStrategy as an example of how a partnership could benefit a poker community or related website.  Varnon explained to PokerSoftware, "HM2 is one of the most trusted brands in online poker and an incredible number of players use our software every time they play a session of online poker.  This 'co-branding program' provides us with an opportunity to expand our user base within selected online poker community partners we work with while providing our partners with a unique and cost-effective way to further promote their own brands and stay in touch with their members via the dedicated partner news feed. PokerStrategy has taken advantage of this."
In addition to PokerStrategy, other poker communities should find the idea of a co-branding partnership with Hold'em Manager 2 to be advantageous since it could further the legitimacy of their brand and website.  This should theoretically translate into an economic benefit via the creation of more loyal visitors who should be more likely to participate in the marketing efforts driven on a particular poker community.
Additionally, other online poker communities, especially poker training sites, may love the ability to customize widgets since it will help them spread their content without the need of a poker player to consciously look for it.
If you are interested in a co-branding partnership with Hold'em Manager 2 for your poker community, poker training, or other poker-related website, the process itself is not difficult.
All that you need to do is email the Hold'em Manager team at explaining a little bit about your site.  Hold'em Manager will review and, if accepted, will advise you on the amount of the nominal setup fee involved.
Additionally, if you are involved with making coaching videos, you can contact if you want your content displayed to all Hold'em Manager 2 customers in the software's HM2 Coaching Videos widget.

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